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The front garden area wasn’t looking so hot anymore. Five years of weather and string trimmer abuse doesn’t really make for a great-looking picket row, so I decided to fix the sad-looking space with a little stone.

Being a hunter-gatherer, I hauled back a few rocks. Halfway through unloading I snapped a picture. For those who wondered if it was actually true: Yes, a Ranger will carry 1,000 lbs. in the bed without issue. Also, it makes you feel incredibly manly to sag the back of your truck with the sheer weight of the awesome things you are doing.

With the wooden pickets removed, I flattened out the trench from the pulled-up wood, then laid paving sand over the top to get a nice, flat area to work with and started laying down the bricks.

After the line of bricks was in I grabbed about ten 0.4 cubic yard bags of marble decorative rock at the big box and hosed it all down to wash away excess sand. It came out great, and after a few rains the bricks had settled in nice and even. It was a win all the way around — now it’s time for the other side of the garden.


4 Responses to Projects: Garden Refresh

  1. Fong says:

    Great improvement Sean. That bit of extra sand will also prevent grass from overgrowing into your stones, making maintenance that much easier.

    I know that “manly” feeling when I loaded about 1000 pounds of pavers, sand and tile sagging my Tacoma. It was so low, I had to make sure I wasn’t sitting on the bumpstops before pulling away. Didn’t think my power mirrors would adjust that much. I didn’t feel so manly after unloading the bed though.

  2. mlocer says:

    Thats a vast improvement on your yard , I have a low retaining border for the lawn and that was very satisfying laying it and setting off the boring concrete path

    I’ve also had the leaf springs of a 2.5 ton tipper truck bending the wrong way hauling stone for a shed/workshop extension that I’m working on that was no fun shifting it off the truck bed in to piles

  3. Michael says:

    Ok, it looks good and in low doses might be just the thing….but those rocks, like concrete walls, aluminum fences, etc will eat up a lot of weedwacker string–hey wait they will require a weedwacker in the first place cuz you can’t get the lawnmower that close.

    I have planted Liriope muscari along the walkways as edging and around a few of our trees–it looks good, stays green all winter, I don’t think you can kill the stuff, mine seems to grow in lines like i plant it and not try to take over everything–AND you can mow right up to its soft, forgiving border.

    In fact I have sometimes mowed OVER it in the fall or spring to get rid of the brown mixed in and it grows right back.

    and it keeps leaves from blowing into my flower beds.

    what’s not to like.


  4. Keith says:

    Nice work, but marble stones always make it look like gramma and grampas place.

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