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Any trim-work pro — or anybody willing to help friends and neighbors out with home improvement jobs — needs a miter saw and a way to set it up and use it on the jobsite. So anything that makes that job simpler is a win, including the myriad of portable stands available from most manufacturers. Here’s DeWalt’s latest entry: a modular stand that accepts a variety of saws and lots of optional equipment. The idea is that you’ll customize the stand for your particular saw and use scenario.

The stand itself seems pretty straightforward. It’s 5-1/2′ wide, but extends to support up to 16′ lengths of material. DeWalt claims it’ll hold up to 500 lbs. of saw and stock, which sounds pretty conservative to us. (It’s amazing what good engineers can do with aluminum sheet metal these days.) Like most stands, its legs lock into place. Levers near the top of the legs release them to fold for transport, and levers also quickly release and lock the extensions as well. Rubber feet on the legs keep you from chewing up that nice hardwood floor you installed last summer.

Saws mount via a pair of universal mounting brackets. Since the bracket install individually on the stand, you can position them any distance apart to accommodate your particular saw, and slotted mounting holes handle variations in saw depth. Right now DeWalt offers three different material support attachments, including a wide support, a narrow support, and a wide roller support. They also offer adjustable-height support stands that fit under the stand’s extensions, helping to keep them from sagging when fully-extended.

We’ll hold off on final judgment until we see one in person, but it looks like a pretty slick setup. It appears to fold up remarkably small, and we like the idea of just purchasing the attachments that make sense for whatever it is you do with your saw. The stand itself streets for around $190-$200 plus another $30 for the saw mount. Accessories run around $25-50 each.

The “Next Generation of Miter Saw Stands” [DeWalt]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


6 Responses to DeWalt’s New Modular Miter Saw Stand

  1. Neil Bruce says:

    Hi Chuck,
    I was able to play with this stand (among others) at the Dewalt UK training centre this week and can confirm they are all very good.
    The DE7033 (might have a different name in the States, but the one shown here) was really great, easily fitting in a small car, very lightweight, compact due to the easy fold legs and a nice price.
    The new XR range is almost here as well and we had the privilege of seeing it, and we can definitely say, Dewalt will not disappoint, in my opinion, they more than compete with Makita, Bosch and Metabo in the 18v range now where they haven’t before.

  2. fred says:

    Have been using DW723’s for years – even though I have Bosch and Makita saws mounted on them.
    This incarnation – looks to be quite an upgrade to the 723

  3. Kyle says:

    Are these suports avalible to retrofit their older saw stands?

  4. fred says:


    I was thinking the same thing – so I took a look at the Dewalt Link above.
    Clicking on the 3 new accessories (DW7027 Wide Roller, DW7028 Extension Support Leg and DW7029 Wide support and Stop) – the site says that they are backward compatible with the DW723

  5. browndog77 says:

    “The stand itself streets for around $190-$200 plus another $30 for the saw mount. Accessories run around $25-50 each.”
    The saw mounts & 2 material support/stops are included in the purchase price, & as of today you can get this unit (dwx723) for $186 @ Amazon w/ free shipping (which I usually find is less than 5 days)

  6. Hi chuck,

    Nice review! Hope to see you at Towson. ROB

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