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It’s kinda like the Chevy vs. Ford of tool storage: some folks like pegboard and some don’t. But if you happen to be a fan, you’ve probably stared up at your perfectly-arranged pegboarded wrenches and thought, “Why can’t I hang up my router and drill, too?” Answer: Because while you might be able to convince your drill to stay on the board (mostly) with a couple of well-placed single hangers, it’ll always be rickety. And there’s no way single hangers will hold your router.

So forget cobbled-together single hangers and try these custom-made hangers instead. They’re designed to cradle your various tools — routers, ail guns, circ saws, recip saws, drills, and so on — and they’re perfectly spaced to fit into standard pegboard, slatboard, and metal grid storage systems. Pricing runs around $10-$12 per hanger. And admittedly the website seems a bit simplistic. But hey — it’s like $10-$12, right? Might be worth a shot.

Toolhangerz [Toolhangerz.com]


10 Responses to Pegboard Lovers Rejoice

  1. Fong says:

    Never been a fan of pegboards. Must be trauma from having worked at a Radio Shack in my youth. Being a little OCD, I put my power tools back in their cases and stack them in cabinets (after dusting them off and wiping them down of course). That’s not “too” weird, is it?

  2. kramman87 says:

    personally i like using 2×4 to make a french cleat system. 2 or 3 2x4x8′ horizontally and custom make mounts for your specific tools. Also, i thinks its a whole lot easier to expand and re ordanise than be/slat board.

  3. kramman87 says:

    believe it or not i can spell properly when im not typing…

  4. Mike47 says:

    I do as Fong does with power tools. One reason is my garage/shop has windows, and people can peek in and see stuff. No sense advertising the good stuff and encouraging break-ins. I do like pegboard for hand tools and misc. junk that would otherwise clutter the workbench. My problem is the 1/4″ pegboard eventually lets hooks pull through. Wish there was aluminum diamondplate pegboard or something stronger than masonite.

  5. Mike47 says:


    Suh-weet!!! Just what I need!

  6. Neil says:

    Is this for slatwall or pegboard?! I am so confused!

  7. IronHerder says:

    I have been looking at wall storage in preparation for my never-started shop upgrade. Some of what I found:

    Pegboard, the old standby, has a large variety of pegs and hooks in store fixture supply houses, more than found in big box stores and their ilk.

    Slatwall is used extensively for store fixtures, so there is an incredible variety of slatwall hardware available at store fixture supply houses.The slatwall itself is pricey, in contrast to pegboard. But, router bits are available to cut your own slots (slats?). Think cheap and customizable slatwall. Haven’t tried it yet, but I can dream.

    A readily customizable and really nice looking wall storage system was originally published by Family Handyman. Search their website for “garage-storage-systems”

    I plan to use a little of each system, as appropriate, for my shop upgrade. I can not understand the ferocity of the “all or none” arguments over pegboard that I’ve seen. Use if you wish; otherwise don’t.



  8. Gough says:

    We’re using Gridwall in the new shop (in progress) as part of a rolling tool cart. I like it for movable applications because it leaves the place feeling a lot more open. Looks like we’ll be dropping some $$ on some of these hangers….

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