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Gas-powered nailers are the Mac to the pneumatic nailers’ PC. They’re a bit more expensive, fewer people use them on a daily basis, and they compete in the same general market. One problem gas-powered nailer users (including myself from time to time) complain about is the lack of options in quantity of fuel replacement needs. Duo-Fast is taking action to remedy that with their availability of both single replacement compressed gas cartridges and now 12-piece fuel cell packs.

It’s not a world of change in the gas nailer marketplace, but the Duo-Fast fuel cells are good for 1,100-1,300 shots, depending upon load size and substrate material. Plus they are good to go for other manufactures like Paslode (duh), Bostich, and Hitachi gas rigs.

The cells are available via retail outlets, big box, or basically anywhere you might find gas nailers and gas nailer accessories, except Hank Hill’s place, as he only does propane. Pricing runs about $7.50 for singles or $90 for the bulk contractor pack of 12 cells.

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8 Responses to Preview: Duo-Fast Bulk Fuel Packs

  1. fred says:

    Over the last several years I’ve bought several tools from among the ITW brands. My Duo-Fast purchases have been mostly electric staplers (EIC-3118A, ENC-5418A and EWC-5018A) whereas my nailgun purchases have been ITW’s Paslode brand. I’m wondering if these bulk-pack fuel cans might fit my older Paslode framing nailers that use the older red-top fuel cans sold in 2 packs. The newer CF-325’s that I own have a different fuel canister that is sold exclusively bundled with Paslode nails. The Paslode IM250A (900600) Trim nailers and the IM200-F18 (900100) brad nailers we use – take a shorter yellow-top canister that are sold in 4 packs – so unless Duo-Fast offers a bulk equivalent on these – I guess I’m out of luck.

  2. PutnamEco says:

    fred Says:
    The newer CF-325’s that I own have a different fuel canister that is sold exclusively bundled with Paslode nails
    You can get the fuel cells individually now (part# PAS 816005 for the CF 325) and if you find a sympathetic retailer/wholesaler you can get them by the case.

  3. Ken says:

    I fail to see how the bulk pack price of $90/12 ($7.50 per unit) is any better deal than the individual price of $7.50 per unit? Why not just buy exactly how many you need, and forget searching for the bulk pack?

  4. DDT says:

    I thought buying in bulk would equal a lower price. I guess not. The one thing I hate about gas is how they state a cartridge can fire 1000 18 gauge brad nails. I think I am lucky if I get half.

  5. rick says:

    Im happy all my nail gun needs are within a 50′ air hose reach of my air compressor 🙂

  6. Thomas J Sullivan says:

    I need Paslode Framing Fuel #900420.
    Does anyone know where I can find it or do you make one that will fit my guns?

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