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There are shops out there that look great and others that make us cringe when we see them. This shop picture posted by reader Phidauex makes us want to get out there and build furniture.

The concrete floor is perfectly worn and reminds me of my dad’s old shop, but the real draw is all the planes and shaves on the back wall. It looks like you could get into all manner of trouble with those bad boys and a pile of hardwood. Plus, if we’re correct, it looks like he’s got some patterns we could use quietly hanging next to the back bench.

A great shot of a great shop. We are envious of the person who gets to fiddle about in here on the weekends.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


3 Responses to From The Flickr Pool: Shop Envy

  1. ted says:

    i like those bow saws, myself. agreed – nice shop. and roomy! envy that.

  2. Sam (phidauex) says:

    Thanks for posting! I took that photo of my friend John’s workshop in Brighton, CO. He is a pretty reclusive guy, but makes amazing hand-made furniture, as much as possible holding to traditional techniques and tools, even using original antique tools wherever possible. Windsor chairs are his specialty. I’ve been photographing his work to help him sell some of his pieces – normally he just spends 80 hours making one, and then puts it in the corner of the workshop to start the next. 😉

    The shop is really comfortable to hang out in. It is a very old barn that has had some insulation added, an 1890’s base burner wood stove, and lots of old tools and workbenches. Just makes you want to create stuff. And when you are tired, you can sprawl out in front of the wood stove with a beer and relax. No phone or internet to bug you out there.

    Here are some pictures of his furniture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/phidauex/sets/72157626291326644/

    And here are some more shots of the workshop: http://www.flickr.com/photos/phidauex/sets/72157625422533878/

  3. Toolfreak says:

    I only get shop envy when I see anyone with a shop that has any amount of room in it to get things done. Amazing how hard it is to do any work in a shop full of tools with no space for anything else.

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