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You’d be hard-pressed to call most router tables portable, even the benchtop ones. Bucking this trend, MLCS sells a portable router table that folds up compactly for easy transport and storage.

MLCS coats the 1″ thick, 24″ x 16″ MDF top with Melamine and runs banding around the edge for a finished look. The 11″ long, hinged legs fold up for transport and lock into position when in use to support up to 150 lbs. To help the table stay in place when it’s set up, they coat the bottom of the steel legs in rubber.

The table incorporates a 12″ by 9″ phenolic router plate with removable insert rings and an aluminum miter track. The included split fence with dust port attaches to two tracks embedded in the table surface and also has its own T-track for attaching guards, feather boards, or other jigs.

MLCS’s router table weighs in at 25 lbs. without router motor. You can pick up it for around $140.

Portable Router Table [MLCS]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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5 Responses to Take Your Router Table With You

  1. george says:

    got all excited when i saw this. just what i need ! then i saw the price.

  2. Jerry says:

    @george – me too! 25 pounds does seem a bit heavy for the size but that could be attributed to good, solid materials being used.

  3. Fong says:

    I’m with you goerge. limited space in my garage with 2 cars in it made this very tempting. seems a bit spendy for laminated mdf and some plastic bits.

  4. DMath says:

    $140 for a Woodsmith project? Come on…

  5. woodworker01 says:

    Looks nice, tempting. Let me know when it’s on sale for $99

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