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Whether you need to repair a branch on your ornamental tree or want to experiment growing the perfect variety of apple, using a grafting tool to make your cuts may help you get better results.

This 8″ grafting tool from A. M. Leonard promises to give you more uniform cuts for more consistent grafts. The tool includes blades to make three different types of cuts: an omega cut, which looks somewhat like a jigsaw puzzle, a V-cut like what is pictured above, and a budding, or T-cut. You can use it on branches from 1/4″ to 1/2″ in diameter.

Made in Italy, the tool is constructed from heavy duty poly and steel. It comes with three different blades and two anvils. You can purchase it for about $75 shipped.

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3 Responses to Grafting Tool

  1. Fong says:

    It constantly amazes me how task specific some tools have become int his very saturated market. I’ve always just used the graft blade on my leatherman pruning multitool. To top this, someone’s probably working on a battery powered version.

  2. Kris says:

    I guess if you’ve got to do several hundred of these it would be worth it…..

  3. Muhammad Rashid says:

    how can i order and what is the mininmum order to be shipped to Saudi Arabia please

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