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Whether you want to build a unique storage case for your coin collection or find a classy way to mark the year you built your woodworking project, you’ll be hard pressed to find the right-sized bit in a regular Forstner bit set. What you need is a coin-sized Forstner bit set.

There may be sets for other countries’ coins out there, but we’ll talk about sets that have bits for the 6 sizes of U.S. coins. The bits for the U.S. coin sizes are more or less as follows:

  • Pennies: 19.1 mm or 0.751″
  • Nickles: 21.3mm or .839″
  • Dimes: 18mm or .709″
  • Quarters:  24.1mm or .949″
  • Half Dollars: 30.6mm or  1.205″
  • Dollars: 26.6mm or 1.047″

Okay, you will find a 3/4″ Forstner bit in most sets, so if all you want to mount are pennies, you probably don’t need any more bits, but the rest of the coins are odd sizes. Many sets come with a depth stop that also holds the bit perpendicular to the surface so you can drill level holes with a hand drill.

Pricing runs anywhere from $25 to $80 for a set of six coin-sized Forstner bits, although sets with the depth stop will run about $10 more than sets without it. You can also pick up individual bits starting at around $8.

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6 Responses to Coin-Sized Forstner Bits

  1. Kurt says:

    Reading the table of sizes for coins, I wonder why they chose those apparently random dimensions?

  2. K!P says:

    maybe the somewhat random dimensions are so you cant just saw off a slice of round stock to use as a blank in vending machines… although you could just use a lathe to make to size…

    on second thought maybe because of the weight of the material was supposed to be a specific value.. would not explain thickness tho…

  3. Bob says:

    I’ve found that the US dime Forstner will also work for a Canadian dime. I plan on using the Bluenose side as my makers mark.

  4. Brau says:

    Jeez! Just mount the bits. It’ll be more interesting!

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