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A reader turned us on to this Gizmodo find: a seriously scary-looking trike powered by two Bosch power drills. The kicker: The maker claims it tops out around 18 MPH — with the pilot lying head-first about a foot off the ground.

I’ve seen (and made) plenty of crazy projects like this, but what makes this one stand out to me enough to mention here on Toolmonger is the workmanship. Click through to the site and check out the sweet chain/gearing setup that hooks the two drills together as a drive system. That’s not your average, ordinary kludge. Nor is what appears to be some seriously well laid-out tube fabrication and welding. The steering mechanism is pretty sweet as well: a computer-modeled and CNC milled “spline-shaped joint” that allows the rider to steer with his or her whole body.

Granted, this isn’t exactly practical transportation. But I’m fascinated by the handiwork.

The “EX” [Nils Ferber]


2 Responses to One Scary Drill-Powered Trike

  1. Toolhearty says:

    Before this falls off the page, just wanted to mention that it was interesting to see the steps this guys went through to develop the end product. Don’t often get to see that part of it.


  2. Toolhearty says:

    guys = guy, or “these guys” as there appears to have been 4 of them involved

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