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Made in Japan and sold by Lee Valley, these finger files allow you to shape wood in tight places, and being smaller than a full-sized file, they might offer a bit more control.

The coated stainless steel files have a medium-fine tooth pattern that can cut quickly and evenly in all directions, yet still leave a smooth finish. The edges of the files don’t have teeth, so you’ll only remove the material you want.  Forget about your file card too; these files supposedly resist clogging.

The 3-3/4″ long files come in convex straight, convex tapered, v-groove, flat tapered, and flat straight shapes. Individual files are $7, or you can buy the whole set for $30.

Finger Files [Lee Valley]

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8 Responses to Finger Files

  1. olderthanyou says:

    Cool, me want!

  2. fred says:

    These are the Medium-Fine Grit variety made by NT Cutter in Japan

  3. Thanks fred.

    I tried to find out who manufactured them, but I when I Googled Japanese finger files, all I got was porn. I figured I’d better stop there.

  4. Cameron Watt says:

    Benjamen, somehow I’m not surprised.

    I glue sandpaper to wood scraps I shape but this would be a lot easier.

  5. Ross says:

    Interesting, these could be handy for cleaning up hand coped joints, now I have to go update my wishlist at Lee Valley.

  6. george says:

    cool ! at times i’ve been tempted to cut a file in half.

  7. ajeet soni says:

    want to buy .

  8. sander says:

    If you want to search for info on the finger files WITHOUT digging up porn try this on Google: Japanese Finger Files -porn (the “-” sign tells Google to block the word porn). I tried this and the first five results were from woodworking sites (including ToolMonger).

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