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We hadn’t felt the burning need to watch 344 Nebraskans in trucker hats pick up and carry a big-ass barn uphill — until we heard about this clip showing just that; it then became a moral imperative. This news video from what is obviously the early 80’s, bad tracking and all, is actually pretty cool once you get past the porn-star stash the reporter’s sporting.

Sure, it’s fun to watch, and the folks were good sports about it by turning it into a community event. The story we want to know is, who welded up all that steel into hand rails to lift the damn thing and then decided where/how to attach the supports? Then, after the news van and camera crew leaves, after all the good-hearted folks return home and all the magic of the moment is but a memory fading in the Nebraskan summer air, some poor bastard has to cut all those supports off and fill the holes in the side of the barn.

To this man, we say: Fine work, sir. You are unappreciated in your time.

no I can’t… yes WE can… [YouTube]


3 Responses to 344 Nebraskans = Barn Moving

  1. Greg says:

    It would have gone a damn faster if the other 4000 people had been helping instead of just sittin’ on their duffs. 🙂

  2. mike foley says:

    Ah! I love Nebraska, and of course the Huskers! Wonderful.

  3. ThatOneGuy says:

    Ah, the good ol’ days where people would actually help each other out and not want to kill anyone or demand huge payments and insurance. Could you imagine that happening in todays world? There would be 340 lawsuits claiming back injuries!

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