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Custom LeatherCraft, known for their aprons and tool holders, has come up with a way to store some of those odd parts and tools that would otherwise end up buried in the bottom of your tool apron — stuff them into one of their clip-on zipper bags and hang it from your belt.

It looks like these bags are made from the same 600D polyester which their non-leather aprons and tool holders are made. They sell them in a three pack with a 9″ by 7″ bag, a 7″ by 6″ bag, and a 6″ by 5″ bag. Pricing starts around $7 for the set.

Clip-on Zipper Bags [Custom LeatherCraft]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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7 Responses to Carry Odd Parts And Tools On Your Tool Belt

  1. george says:

    i use bags like this a lot. but i sure like these because of the clips. price is great also.

  2. Gil says:

    I have a few of these, but I cut off the cheap plastic clips and replace them with climbing carabiners.

  3. Jason says:

    I have this exact set. I got them from Home Depot for 5 or 6 dollars. I use one for misc screws, nails, and drywall anchors (like a mini parts bin). Another to hold 1/4″ screwdriver bits and the last one for my ultra small screw driver bits and driver. Love them and need to pick up another set when I get to Home Depot again..

  4. PutnamEco says:

    Klein also produces some small zippered bags, some with grommets that can be used for hanging or attachment. They are durable, with big brass zippers and heavy canvas construction.

  5. Jerry says:

    2 sets from HD many months ago. Well worth the reasonable price. Really valuable on my electrician’s belt – wire nuts, pigtails, screws, etc. etc. Has saved a lot of trips down the ladder for those things.

  6. Andrew C says:

    I’ve got some of the Klein bags. One disadvantage of the dark colors is that you can’t label the bags as easily, which makes things harder if you have two or three of the same bag. I’d prefer white so I could just use a marker on ’em.

  7. Frank Townend says:

    I have several sets of the Klein white canvas bags. The nice thing about lighter colored bags is the ability to mark them with what is inside with a permanent marker.

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