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A few weeks ago I posted a neat, yet overly expensive solution for collecting dust from under the router table. It turns out I overlooked a cheaper solution if you have a Rockler or JessEm router plate or lift.

The Rockler Down Under Router Table Dust Port simply twists and locks into the bottom of their new Inter-Loc router plate inserts — no tools required. If you’re not using a lift, it’ll fit through the opening of most router bases.

If you use the dust port, you might have to live with two minor compromises: It somewhat limits the bit height adjustment, and if you have a lift where you can change bits above the table, the dust port needs to be removed before changing bits.

The Down Under Router Table Dust Port will run you $15 and comes with an Inter-Loc insert and 6′ length of hose. Additional inserts compatible with the dust port are $7.

Down Under Dust Port [Rockler]

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  1. Courtney B. says:

    Great price for a smaller dust collection system.

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