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Milwaukee just keeps churning out cordless tools: The latest addition to their M18 line is a 5-3/8″ metal circular saw with a 1/8″ to 2″ cutting¬†capacity for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, and general construction.

The saw weighs just 5.8 lb. with the battery despite having a stainless steel shoe. It features an impact-resistant window and an LED light so you can actually see what you’re cutting from above the saw. Milwaukee built the saw around a 4-pole frameless motor spinning at 3600 RPM. This setup allows you to make over 200 cuts of 3/4″ EMT on one charge.

On their website, Milwaukee says the saw won’t be available until April 2011, although several online retailers already advertise it. Preliminary pricing for the kit (2682-22) with two Red Lithium batteries and a one-hour charger starts around $330, but if you already have M18 tools you can purchase a bare tool (2682-20) for $150. Both options ship with a METAL TECH 30-tooth carbide-tipped blade.

Press Release [Milwaukee]
Cordless Metal Saw [Milwaukee]
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2 Responses to Milwaukee Announces New Cordless Metal Saw

  1. fred says:

    Much as we standardized on the Milwaukee M12 line for 12V compact tools – we did the same with the Makita LXT Line for 18V LiIon tools. It was based more on what was available – to fit our needs at the time we decided to make the jump from older lines (had been Porter Cable and some Bosch). So that got me to purchase a couple of Makita BCS550Z’s to cut strut and light metal. I think we like these better for light plate than we do for things that we still cut with band saws – including a Makita cordless. I’m not sure how the BCS550Z’s specs compare to the Milwaukee thst you talk about here – but we find it to be useful as an in-between tool. We have a bigger (I think its 9 or 10 inch corded Evolution Saw – and another look-alike that bears the Morse name – that we use for cutting corrugated decking – and find that corded and corless bandsaws are better for strut and pipe.

  2. Rob says:

    I don’t know about the sheet metal applications of these saws. In my experience as a union electrician building big big stuff The best tool ever for small pipe, rod, and strut are the cordless one hand bandsaws. also there is no earsplitting, did you really have to do that, noises. Angle grinding can be pleasant compared to these things. As a side note cordless sawzalls provided sharp blades are far more versatile.

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