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Chuck likes to say you could piece-part an entire Jeep from JC Whitney if you were so inclined. This is most likely true from what I can tell. Only slightly lesser known is the vast selection of truck accessories they have on tap.

My new (to me) Ranger had a bunch of small dings and scratches on the top of the bed, as one might expect from a truck that was used like one. I could of course let that go, as it really doesn’t hurt the value of a truck in Texas — however, a set of bed rail caps were a much better solution.

For $75 I got a set of plastic caps shipped to the house where it took less than ten minutes to install them, and had my truck looking newer than I thought it would. The selection of plastic over metal caps was a simple one: They’re easy and cheap to replace, plastic won’t mar the finish of any wood that happens to come in contact with them, and the metal ones always seem to leave behind holes and scratches of their own if you ever want to remove them.

At this point, I’m now done with modifying my truck. It’s shameful, really. Several years ago I’d have been going crazy trying to pack more gear onto it. At this point I’m pretty happy with the stock radio, wheels, liner and all the rest of the stock gear. I must be getting old.

Bed rail caps [JC Whitney]


9 Responses to J.C. Whitney To The Rescue

  1. Julian Tracy says:

    No need to drill holes for metal bed rail caps. Just use 3M autobody foam double sided foam tape. It’ll hold permanently if applied properly, yet id easy to remove if need be.

    Stronger than screws and no mess and fast.

    Plastic crap always fades after a while.


  2. luke says:

    my tundra is a 05 with plastic bed rails and they have not faded one bit.
    Also there is no way Ill ever be driving down the 405 with 3M or any other tape holding parts of my truck on.

  3. K!P says:

    @luke: it’s pretty common to have parts of the car taped on, it’s most likely to be much stronger per square cm than some screws. (also: no rust prone holes, screws vibrating)

  4. Julian Tracy says:

    Every pc. of trim on your truck from the factory is held in place with the very same tape. better then screws as said above.

    And I’d put a lot more faith in OEM Toyota bedrail caps then I would in cheap JC Whitney crap. (no offense to Toolmonger guy)


  5. Mike47 says:

    Adhesives hoding parts on? Hah! Chevrolet glues door hinges to the body of its pickups! We have a few where I work. None have fallen off… yet. Sure get a lot of laughs, though.

  6. JB says:

    I’d put this stuff on your bed: http://www.monstaliner.com/ .
    Made in the USA, wont fade due to UV, easy to apply yourself. I bought some to put in my Jeep, it’s great. They also make their own version of POR 15. They sell the stuff to DOT for a few different states on road trucks.

  7. zoomzoomjeff says:

    LOL. You and I MUST be getting old then. I noticed the same thing the other day looking through a new Summit’s & Jeg’s catalog—-I have no desire to spend tons of money to modify my Jeep. Much too practical now.

  8. luke says:

    I have taken many parts on my truck off when painting. non of them were taped on

  9. Toolfreak says:

    The bed caps, just like the plastic bedliners, usually scuff up the paint underneath, trap water and moisture, and often leaves the surface much worse off than it was prior to being added.

    They both obviously do a lot for taking hits and avoiding the wear and tear associated with throwing building and landscape materials in the bed.

    Not that it’s bad they scuff up the paint and cause a bunch of rust…it just saves you that much more work scuffing the paint up or sanding it off for applying a more permanent bedliner.

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