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In the last few years, it seems like the major players in the pro-level Li-Ion 12v market have typically been red or blue in color. However, Makita has recently expanded its line to include offerings that might look familiar if you frequent other expanded lines. It’s funny how standard lineups come about.

Makita’s line has been expanded to offer two driver drills, an impact driver, circular saw, vacuum, and of course an LED flashlight. They’re also getting the jump on the combo kits by making a kit for almost every combination of tools — so many we couldn’t fit them all in our normal graphic.

The lineup was good before, but with the addition of new tools like the flashlight and impact drills, it’s about as duty-oriented as any other system available. The drills come in at around 200 in-lbs. each and the impact drill is rated at 800 in-lbs. The flashlight is rated for 800 LUX with a 9-hour runtime. If these numbers sound familiar, you might be onto something. It seems to be the numbers expected from a 12v platform across the board.

I think my favorite addition has got to be the 12v vacuum that accepts a standard battery pack and converts from upright to dust-buster style, handheld. Every manufacturer seems to have one oddball tool in the smallest Li-Ion class and it’s cool to see something a little different from Makita. At least it doesn’t have a laser on it.

We love to see competition in the 12v marketplace; it’ll ultimately push the entire field to create better products on the whole. For now, California contractors will no doubt be pleased they have a black-and-white version of the tools other guys have had access to for the last year or two. We’re curious to see if they stack up to expectations.

Makita Cordless Power Tools [Makita]


7 Responses to Makita’s 12v Max Lineup

  1. BJN says:

    An all white vacuum might be a nice tool in Steve Job’s home, but white’s going to look shabby pretty quick in real world use. Frankly, I don’t find the marginal accessories like lights, vacuums, radios, and toothbrushes running on expensive tool system batteries to be very well designed nor as good as a purpose-built rechargeable device.

  2. Zeros says:

    I have that vacuum and use it almost every day to clean the kitchen. No, it’s not heavy duty but it is quite convenient for a quick cleanup after my kids make a mess.

  3. Slow Joe Crow says:

    Makita has had a vacuum in the line for years. I still have a 7.2V HandyVac from the 90s that we use instead of a dustbuster. One interesting feature is that you can stick a 9.6V stick battery in it for more power (and more noise), or to finish the job when the only 7.2 in the house runs down.

  4. zoomzoomjeff says:

    An impact driver at 800 in lbs? That’s huge power.

  5. Alex French says:

    The impact driver has been around for over 2 years, even if it was called 10.8v instead of 12V max. It was the first tool I had before I started collecting bits and pieces via eBay.

    I use the vacuum for picking up pet hair all over the house, and I’ve never seen a purpose built dustbuster or vacuum that had anything close to the sucking-to-weight ratio this does.

    The circ saw is fantastic, for what it is. It won’t replace a real corded model, but it can handle a few quick cuts in 3/4″ ply nicely.

    I just hope they get around to adding a Hackzall style tool to the line.

  6. Neil Bruce says:

    My preference is Bosch, mainly because the range is bigger. I’m not sure how much use the little circular saw would be. Dewalt also have made a big impact in this Market. Love the impact driver though, it’s excellent

  7. Liz V says:

    I’ve never seen a vacuum that can be a dust-buster and an upright. I think it’s neat. Wouldn’t mind a laser on it just for showing off.

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