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My bow rack shame was lessened after I got a few pics back from my dad showing the rack mounted and in its full glory. As word from my mom has it, bows started appearing from under beds and behind doors. As if by magic they assembled to form the display you see here.

Once I saw both the caliber of the display and the quality of the gear he’s placing in the oaken stairsteps, I was glad I both overbuilt it and added calf hair atop cushioned pads for the limb rest shelves.

Still, even considering that all these “hunting” bows are only used in the backyard to target soft drink cans and milk jug caps at 25 yards, it’s a nice way to get at your gear and select the day’s weapon of mass puncture.


8 Responses to Follow Up: A Bow Rack

  1. cheerIO says:

    That looks Awesome. Nice job.

  2. Aaron says:

    That does look nice, and room for one more!

  3. Steve says:

    The “gun rack” joke in waynes world only made a gun rack a crazy gift because wayne didnt own a gun let alone enough guns to necessitate an entire rack. In this case, its a perfect fit.

    I have one suggestion for further expansion. My problem with building displays for things is, if its important enough to build a display for, I likely have not bought my last one. So leaving room for expansion is needed. But I don’t want to go crazy either. Owning 5 bows and building this rack might make it look funny until I expanded the collection. But I think your system would make a perfect modular system. Make each stair set independent units that may hook together or can be mounted as if they were together. That way you can expand and reconfigure your set up as needed.

  4. Old Coot says:

    I have no knowledge or interest regarding bows, but those pictures are replete with wonderful craftsmanship. Kudos.

  5. Eddie says:

    Why on earth would you be ashamed to make a nice gift for your dad. It also serves as a good place to proudly display a collection he has been accumulating for years.

    Because you used your skills in an expression of love for your dad that makes it a work of art.

  6. Bubbub says:

    Bravo! I can see how you’d need a rack for all of those!

  7. Chuck Cravotta says:

    All the positive comments are deserved. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Glenn says:

    Very nice. I would love one for my wall. Do you have plans for the rack?

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