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Spacing markings equidistantly can be tedious and prone to error; it’s easy to make mistakes calculating the distance between the marks. The Point-2-Point from M-Power makes spacing marks equidistantly almost as easy as pulling out a tape measure.

Just choose how many points you need to mark and stretch the Point-2-Point so that the bracketing uprights line up with the ends of your project. The geometry of the gauge keeps each upright the same distance away from the next, no matter how far it’s stretched. For example, if you need to mark three equally-spaced holes on a board, line up the first upright with one end of the board and the 5th upright with the other end of the board.

Four thumb screws allow you to lock the gauge when you need to transfer measurement from one piece to another. The Point-2-Point includes eight stainless steel uprights and can stretch up to two feet. Pricing starts at around $20 before shipping.

Point 2 Point [M-Power]
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10 Responses to Equal Spacing Made Easy

  1. fred says:

    We use a similar tool for laying out landing ballusters:


  2. Dave says:

    It would make finding the center point super easy too. Just use 3, 5 or 7 points, line the end two up on the ends and mark the middle one.

    Nice. I need.

  3. beano_t says:

    I was gifted one at Christmas and I have used it a couple times already.

    Sometimes i think it moves a little if you are not careful. Its hard to lock down while making multiple marks.

    but its a time saver overall.

  4. ted says:

    i love this ruler. my wife looked over and said what is that and all i could say was MUST HAVE. division aside, that’s a time saver. it’s funny, you should post this because it’s the second unique ‘ruler’ i’ve checked out this week. the other is the golden ratio or golden section gauge. neat.

  5. some other Dave says:

    You can lay out equal spacing easy as you please with a tape measure, without having to measure or calculate anything but the multiples you want to use. If you want to divide a, say, 12 and 9/16ths inch wide whatever into say, 17 whatevers of equal width, lay a tape measure diagonally across it, make your diagonal 17 inches long, and mark the whatever you want to divide every inch along that diagonal. Or you can use 34 and mark it every two inches, etc. Or 34 centimeters, and mark it every two centimeters. You don’t even have to know how wide your whatever is to divide it into equal parts.
    That’s almost as easy as pulling out a tape measure, too.

    • BikerDad says:

      The diagonal rule/tape works, but… in order to get the divisions you need, you may have to really get hard on the diagonal, which means your marks can be nowhere near where you actually need them. This tool avoids that, as you can align it to put your marks right where you want.

  6. Brau says:

    Looks cool, could have used it many times.
    The sad thing is, I don’t have a reason to buy this *now*.
    Someday when I might need it, I’ll end up using a measuring tape … again … because I don’t have it and don’t know when I would ever use it again if I did.

  7. fred says:

    @some other Dave

    The hypoteneuse/right triangle method works great if you have enough space to lay it out. When doing custom handrails – you are often up against carpeted areas and are trying to lay out ballusters along a 3 or 4 inch wide swath of oak – and show clients what different layouts would look like. This is much easier with the L.J. Smith Balcony Pro – which is very similar – but larger

  8. Frank Townend says:

    I have one and use it quite frequently. Not expensive and I have found it to be accurate enough for my needs. The instructions state to expand it to its full width and then compress it to the desired width. Nice tool.

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