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If you want to match the finish of a particular piece of furniture, the Finisher’s Colorwheel will help you get close, even if you know nothing about matching color.

To find the right mixture, turn the inside wheel and look for the closest color to appear in one of the windows. The color wheel will tell you how to mix the color using standard liquid dyes, powder dyes, or liquid stains in the following colors: white, raw umber, french yellow ochre, burnt sienna, cordovan, burnt umber, raw sienna, black, yellow, green, red, and orange.

The Finisher’s Colorwheel is supposedly made in the USA by Color Concepts, Inc., but I can neither find the trademark nor the actual product website despite there being at least four companies named Color Concepts.

The color wheel comes with full instructions, and pricing starts around $16 before shipping.

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2 Responses to Match Finishes With A Color Wheel

  1. Liz says:

    I’ve never seen this contraption. Can you get it at anyplace that sells stains?

  2. Jim Van Zandt says:

    I can envision a spinning color wheel that would work even better. Equip it with moving sectors so you could vary the amount of red, yellow, and green exposed (the remainder being black). Spin rapidly enough to see what color it makes.(Wouldn’t work with fluorescent light.)

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