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A couple of years ago we covered Woodpeckers’ Story Stick: a straight aluminum track that allowed you to place several markers with the turn of a thumbscrew. Woodpeckers has just announced a new-and-improved version of their Story Stick: the Story Stick Pro.

At $30 for the 24″ version and $55 for the 48″ version, the Story Stick Pro seems a little pricey, but it’s an interesting idea nonetheless. The “stick” features a slot where several attachments can be tightened into place with thumbscrews anywhere along the slot. To aid in placement, they put both standard and center scales on the top.

Rather than single-sided tabs like the original Story Stick, the tabs extend to both sides so you can use whichever edge is more convenient. This would come in handy for things like like marking hinges on both sides of a cabinet without reconfiguring the Story Stick. Also new with this version: You can get caliper arms for transferring the exact length from one piece to another.

Woodpeckers says the Story Stick Pro will ship in February and be available in both imperial and metric versions. All Story Stick Pros will include four tabs and one stop. The option to buy four extra tabs or set of caliper arms will run you another $18.

Story Stick Pro [WoodPeckers]

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2 Responses to A Professional Story Teller

  1. Toolhearty says:

    I use, well… a stick. $0, no shipping charges.

    (someone had to say it) 🙂

  2. fred says:


    We find that the advantage of scrap lumber is not only cost – but that you can customize the length – and write notes on it to make it a “story” stick that tells a story

    Most of our quick-buy shopping lists also get written on scrap plywood etc.

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