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Need to undercut a groove or mortise? To paraphrase Apple: “There’s a tool for that.” The 1-1/4″ long blades of these dog leg chisels from U. J. Ramelson are offset from the handle and tapered from front to back to fit into places other chisels can’t reach.

Dog leg chisels are used by carvers and pattern makers for undercutting, joint work, and sizing operations — does anybody know what sizing is? The chisels feature 5/16″ wide cutting edges and 3-3/4″ long raised hardwood handles.

Available with right skew, left skew, and straight blades, the chisels are sharpened at the factory, but it’s still probably a good idea to hone them before you use them. Each chisel runs about $14.

Dog Leg Chisels [U. J. Ramelson]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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