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Everyone poos, including birds, who tend to poo wherever the hell they happen to be, like, for example, sitting on the edge of your carport directly over your car. Or on the overhang over your porch. There’s really not much you can do to stop them from dumping where they’re comfortable, but you can keep them from getting comfortable in places that you’ll have to clean. And you can do it humanely, too — with bird spikes.

Yeah, I know. They don’t sound very humane, calling to mind visions of bad head-on-a-spike horror movies and medieval torture devices. But bird spikes don’t affect birds at all. The spikes just make normal landing places look like lousy landing places, so birds choose somewhere else to hang out. And poo.

Bird spikes generally come in strips sold by the foot, usually arranged in V-shaped patterns to maximize the area they cover. Expect to pay around $1-3/foot, plus a little more for glue or screws to attach ’em. I’ve listed a couple of sources below, but just Google “bird spike” to find lots of others.

(Thanks, josh.ev9, for the great CC-licensed photo.)

Bird Spikes [Deterapigeon.com]
Bird Spikes [BirdBGone.com]
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9 Responses to Nix Bird Poo Humanely

  1. Blind says:

    Could have sworn I’ve heard that bird spikes aren’t effective. A quick skim at google brings up some sites agreeing with that thought (pigeons build up nests in them it seems) and others claiming how to ensure they are effective.

  2. jeff_williams says:

    They are used all over the city of St Paul (along with plastic owls) and they are pretty effective. There is only one place I’ve seen where they nest on the spikes and that’s only because they filled them with poop from a higher perch. The city uses both metal and plastic ones.

  3. Michael says:

    The concept works on the homeless in NYC.

  4. alilbirdie says:

    Usually something more substantial like a barrier made of netting is needed to keep birds from their nesting sites… they can be territorial. Bird spikes work really well at keeping birds from landing.

  5. DaveN13 says:

    I’ve been investigating this, and there are many different potential solutions, none of which I can really verify that work. There is the spike method, and there are various sticky substances that birds don’t like, and there are physical barriers. I have an older Spanish tile roof, and the sparrows love to nest in the hollow ends of the tiles and wreak havoc on the cars in the driveway. New tile roofs in So Cal usually are built with a barrier to keep this from happening, but can’t find anything for an older roof. Maybe I’ll try the spikes first!

  6. Chris says:

    Last time this came up, I mentioned having recently seen an episode of Dirty Jobs where some guys described using electrified wire to make birds’ feet uncomfortable (and it supposedly worked better than the spikes).


  7. moco says:

    they dont work. my highschool had these and alot of pigeons would just build thier nests in them. maybe a bird sweeper is better? IDK. pellet gun

  8. Brau says:

    Despite having a nice long driveway, I discovered after moving in I have a service wire that runs right above my driveway out to the pole on the street, leaving nowhere good to park as hundreds of birds line up along it. Somehow I don’t think the local electric utility would like me adding spikes to the wire, so I’m stuck in doo-doo land or parking elsewhere.

  9. Hutch says:

    Sound works great. Raptor sounds to be specific.
    Not the cheapest but it can cover a large area that may not be practical or possible to do with physical means, like a garden, live power wires, etc.
    There are boxes around that emit different raptor or other sounds to keep your bird buddies away.
    Here is a link to an example of one . http://www.pestproducts.com/birdx/BXxpellerPRO.htm
    We have one installed at work and no more scrubbing. As a bonus the Canada geese don’t hang around the parking lot anymore leaving their remnants behind.

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