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TM reader Douwe turned us on to this deal at Lowe’s: a 81-piece Irwin drill/driver bit kit with case for $15. The kit includes a combination of twist drill bits, spade bits, and a ton of screwdriver bits, and would make a nice addition to that 18V cordless you got your buddy for the holidays. Sure, you can find more complete sets, and you can probably build yourself a custom kit more perfectly aligned to your needs. But for $15 you can’t go wrong. We’re finding the same kit selling elsewhere for twice the price.

Irwin 81-Piece Tool Accessory Kit w/Bag [Lowe’s]


2 Responses to Dealmonger: Irwin 81-Piece Bit Kit For $15

  1. ttamnoswad says:

    That Irwin product looks exactly like 15 bucks worth of tool steel, made in china and laid out to look as big as possible. But at 15 bucks its great for the guy/gal at home needing a starter set.

    Just look at all the wasted space inside of the cases. I prefer the Bocsh accessories better for only one reason……the packaging. I don’t mean the plastic shrink wrap, but rather the actual case or container that you are going to put into your tool bag. Space is getting more important rather than total to weight nowadays.

    Bosch has a real good flat cordura case, almost like a portfolio or wallet for their spade bits. I wish someone would do the same for the drill bits and then switch all the drive bits storage to the euro style holders than are much more linear and compact than the american versions of bit storage cases.

  2. Liz says:

    Yea, they might take up a lot of space. But if your really not a tinkerer and just need something around the house that doesn’t get used real often it sounds like a good deal to me. A lot of people sink money into tools when thy don’t really have a use for them often. I know when I was younger and had less money for everything, I’d buy what would work for my needs, which wasn’t always the most expensive, but worked for what my needs were. I still have a lot of Buffalo brand tools in the garage. Cheap but alright. I got an ax and a hatchet that are still sharp, not because I looked after them, I just only needed them once in a blue moon. Still have my first socket set which was a Buffalo set, used to get by with it when I lived in a apartement.

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