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I love seeing how others organize their workspaces. No matter how small or large, clean or messy, etc. it’s always interesting to look at what problems Toolmongers run into and how they solve ’em when it comes to a place to work.

Take Scott’s bench, pictured above. I’m sure he’ll jump in below in comments to give us some detail, but I can already tell a lot about him just from the picture. He’s clearly somewhere where it gets a bit chilly as he’s got a little portable heater mounted just to the left of the bench. The temperature/humidity sensor hanging on the bench means he’s probably doing some staining work, maybe the guitar?

And he’s a middle-ground-guy when it comes to the draws vs. pegboard battle: he’s got a nice pegboard wall, but has additional storage above.The magnetic storage for files and screwdrivers seems pretty damn effective.

I’m a fan of the particle-board worktop. Even if you’ve got something more substantial underneath, you can always throw some MDF (or thinner high-density board) on top as a disposable protector. When it gets stained, chipped, painted, or otherwise mangled, just pull it off and replace it.

Scott’s into safety, too. I appreciate his wall-mounted first-aid kit and ear protection.

Lastly, is that a mini-lathe on the left side of the bench? Clue us in below, Scott. Inquiring Toolmongers want to know!

Scott’s Workbench [TM’s Flickr Pool]


2 Responses to From The Flickr Pool: Scott French’s Workspace

  1. Nick says:

    lathe: looks like he is creating a n electric guitar pickup winder w/ it from the info on the flickr page..

  2. Averatu says:

    This photo is confusing. Judging by the scale of the tools and stuff, that guitar looks really small. Is the lens fish eye, or is that top bowed? Not good for assembly.

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