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I had to play this one about five times before I could stop laughing. This is the type of thing that people who didn’t actually see the event go down say doesn’t happen. Sort of like the classic port-a-potty overturn or a car blowing a rod straight through an engine. But it does happen, and in this case we’ve got proof.

I could make a pot hole/city road crew joke, or perhaps a Georgia joke here, but I don’t feel I really need to. It’s just a bit of video that urges everyone else to make sure you know what you’re driving on or well — you know. The funniest bit is at the very end and the way the plow settles.

Snowplow Falls Into Parking Lot Hole [YouTube]


8 Responses to Wacky: Why I Love Security Cameras

  1. Ethan@OPC says:

    Oh that’s hilarious! Wow…

  2. bemis says:

    That guy must have shit his pants in the second or two it took to flip the truck on it’s side…

    I don’t suppose we know if the poor bastard was injured?

  3. Sean O'Hara says:

    AP says the driver was fine.

  4. Liz says:

    I saw this on the news and split a gut laughing. The guy was on the top floor of a parking garage and made this huge hole in the ceiling of the parking level just below him. Can’t you just imagine a car underneath him getting covered with snow and freaking out when you see the wheels of the plow hanging over you. This was hilarious! Nobody get hurt which wasreally remarkable.

  5. Coach James says:

    It’s interesting and amusing but I can’t see it causing a side splitting bout of laughter. The news said there were no vehicles underneath that section when it fell.

  6. Dave says:

    I didn’t read the title, so I didn’t know what to expect, so I was all, “What the F*ck!”, and laughed.

    My co-workers stared.

  7. Michael says:

    I visit this site quite often. I actually live in Calhoun, Ga which is where this took place. This actually happened at our court house’s parking lot. Needless to say we needed to get a new parking deck. Looks like we’ll get one now… That is so awesome that its been posted here.

  8. ambush says:

    Lets use less rebar to save money…

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