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Every year it seems we end up missing the SHOT Show — this year it’s out in Vegas on the 18th-21st of January. We really hate to miss it, because the only thing better than knives and sporting goods is knives and sporting goods in Vegas. As usual, W.R. Case has a booth out there and is rolling out some of the year’s goodies to come.

The new knives/patterns this year like the “Rough Black Humpback” Stockman and “Pocket Worn Harvest Orange” Cheetah will be lining the Case booth for everyone to paw at and take home with them, so it should be a good time for anyone who can go. The crappy part is that the show is for trades folk only, so unless you’re a buyer or retailer it’s a closed guest list, which kind of sucks.

SHOT Show [Website]
Case [Website]


4 Responses to Events: W.R. Case At The SHOT Show 2011

  1. Nervous Neil says:

    The ‘SHOT show’, ‘sporting goods’……does that mean that firearms will be present ? That sounds dangerous, maybe it’s good that it’s for trades folk only.

  2. ttamnoaswad says:

    Yeah, nervous neil is right, normal citizens cant be trusted with having real guns anywhere around them, its just too much of a threat, It’s just too much of a temptation…..kinda the same reason they dont put batteries in the cordless saws display at home depot…….I mean if that thing had a battery and a blade, I probably would not be able to stop myself from running around trying to chop people up. The temptation is just too great.

    We all need to live with our freedoms safely locked behind a plexiglass wall because you just never know, right?

  3. bigalexe says:

    Obvious Troll is Obvious

    Yes SHOT show has guns, it is the firearms industry trade show like NAIAS is for the car industry. What I would be more worried about is a cooking trade show, I mean there they have Meat Cleavers that don’t have a minimum purchasing age and alcohol!

    If indeed that was a sarcastic remark please reply and state so. Due to recent events there are a number of people on edge right now that are due to get riled up by your comments combined with some other real and imagined pressures from other areas.

    Secondly I believe that might be a public show, I know a few people that go to it annually. Not all of them are vendors.

  4. moco says:

    is it open to the public?

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