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We have always appreciated the DIY spirit around the homestead. It’s a certain type of person who looks about his or her abode and proclaims, “I can make this better,” then sets into motion doing just that with whatever’s at hand. Take reader Blitzcat, for instance: A few planks and a bit of 2×4 and suddenly a 16’ workbench is in full effect.

What I dig is Blitzcat’s homebrew method of spacing the shelves. The found-object spacing system is something of a favorite of mine around the shop. It’s a shortcut, to be sure, but has the added benefit of not backfiring. I’ve employed the same technique many times, and unless you take a picture, no one will know.

Hats off and beers up to you, Blitzcat — and enjoy your fine new workbench!

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


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