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Think of your aching muscles after pulling wire all day long. Rather than put up with that pain again, you could buy a tool made for the job: Hook the Power Pull-it up to your drill and let it do the pulling for you.

Madison Electric Products has a short video displaying the use of their product. Basically, once you’re done setting up the pull line, attach it to the Power Pull-it spindle and pull the drill trigger. The drill supports one end of the tool while you hold the other end in your free hand. The handle rides on precision bearings so the pull line will wind as smoothly as your drill allows.

Made in the USA, you can pick up the Power Pull-it starting at $90 before shipping.

Power Pull-it [Madison Electric Products]
Press Release [Madison Electric Products]
Power Pull-it [YouTube]
Power Pull-it [The Electrical Tool Store]

10 Responses to Pull Wire With Your Drill

  1. Old Coot says:

    $100+/- with shipping? Those bearing must be really precise.

  2. Gill Bates says:

    I suppose those precise bearings automatically detect snags and won’t just yank your drag line out of the wall.

  3. Mrten says:

    imagine pulling UTP with that…

  4. Michael says:

    Next year you guys need a top 10 pan ’11 category.

  5. ChrisW says:

    If you have trouble pulling home wiring by hand you are probably damaging it. There are powered wire pullers made by Greenlee for large/long wire in commercial/industrial applications.

  6. Brau says:

    I don’t really see how this helps your aching muscles at all. Unless this thing were to mount in a stand that tensions it against the EMT tubing, it’s still your muscles pulling the string and wire. Only the loose excess is being wound up on the rod. That much can just as easily be done with a broom stick.

  7. Grunt Boy says:

    The video says it all. Common sense tells u to use discretion concerning the type of wire that u pull. 3 #6 xlp through 1 inch conduit @ 230 ft. seems like good work to me.

  8. dm says:

    A much cheaper and equally useful pulling mechanism is a hammer: you take the pull line and wrap it around the hammer a few times and pull. Amazingly enough, a hammer also hits stuff for a low price of ~$10-25 (patent pending) =P

  9. CB says:

    Yes DM but OSHA says not to use a tool for which it was not intended

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