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I am something of an adhesives enthusiast. If you can bind anything with goop of some kind, I’ve probably tried to stick things together with it that you shouldn’t. A few days ago I saw the latest “As Seen On TV” product, UGlu. For all intents and purposes, it’s tape-backed glue. I know I shouldn’t — but I must have some.

With statements like “Great for men, women and children,” or the infamous “One product that does it all” on the front page of the website, anyone with common sense should have been running already, but I don’t. The lure of new adhesive magic keeps my attention, much like the dancing flute of a snake charmer mesmerizes a cobra.

It’s glue, but not a liquid, and it’s tape with no backing. It bonds with almost anything flat; it can hold up to 50 lbs. per square inch but you can pull it off with two fingers if you want the objects unstuck, sings the hyped-up spokesman. His flute-like song keeps me planted under the lid of my wicker basket, poised to fill him full of venom, but not yet. Let’s hear him finish, I keep thinking.

I’m not sure how it works exactly, but after seeing the demos, I now must have some — if for no other reason than to debunk its preposterous claims. At least that’s what I’m going to tell myself. Either way, after the holiday rush I will have mashed something together with UGlu and, quite literally, see what sticks.

UGlu [Website]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


17 Responses to UGlu: Snake Oil Or Newest Adhesive?

  1. Jon says:

    I would be careful and not order direct from their site…lots of negative reviews of the product & billing/shipping practices on Amazon. If you absolutely have to try it out, maybe purchase from Amazon which seems to have free shipping with Amazon Prime accounts.


  2. Jason says:

    It has terrible reviews on Amazon.

  3. Dave A. says:

    REVIEW! What say ye!

  4. Chuck says:

    I’m with you, but I’ve used this stuff, and it worked for me. We have hardwoods in the kitchen. There a corner of the area rug under the table that just won’t stay down. I used the double-side carpet tape first. That usually lasted about a week.

    Saw this in Target one day, and like with most adhesives, said, “what the hell.” It worked. Has been stuck down for months with no issues.

    Now, I’m sure duct tape would have had the same result but with damage to the floor. Who knows, maybe the stuff has permanently bonded to the floor for all I know. I’ll find out when we sell the place or my wife gets the redecorating bug….

    But for now, it worked.

  5. Robert in SF says:

    I bought it off QVC a while back, and don’t use this for any vertical installs! Perhaps it works on horizontal applications (such as the aforementioned carpet corner) but don’t think this will work for hanging things on walls, or joining anything that will put vertical force downwards….it’s worthless for that, IMHO and experience.

    There are variations now marketed under another name (Macbond)…looks like the exact same thing.

  6. ToolGuyd says:

    Looking at all those negative reviews, it doesn’t look like you’re in for a good experience at all.

    If it sounds like snake oil and looks like snake oil…

    Watch the ad again and take note of how they demonstrate the uglu’s holding power. Doesn’t look like it can do anything that 3M double sided tapes can’t do.

  7. Bill says:

    As Seen On TV rips you off on shipping!

  8. DeadGuy says:

    I have some – bought it from the site and had no problems, though shipping was a little slow. I’m not a sucker for adhesives, but I am for As Seen On TV stuff – I just can’t resist it.

    I describe it as “glue boogers.” It is the same stuff used to hold labels onto baking pans and toys into place on a box or the “winning key” on a flyer from an auto store. But, it is much, much stickier.

    I’ve used it to glue carpets to both tile and hardwood, keep pictures from moving around, hang a few light-weight hooks and keep a tension shower rod from moving around. It worked great for all of those applications and six weeks later, it is still holding. I really like the stuff and plan to buy more.

    I’d say get it, but just don’t have too high of expectations for it and like any adhesive (or tool) use it for the right jobs. It certainly isn’t JB Weld or Super Glue, but it works great for non-permanent sticking.

    For my next trick, I’m going to try out gluing some thin sheet metal to some shelves so I can paint around them – like painter’s tape, but reusable. If it works, I’ll be very pleased because I HATE using painter’s tape.

  9. Mr P says:

    I use 3M VHB Tape
    Its really strong (and esay to remove the Clear type from smooth hard surfaces like glass, farmica and sheat metal)


  10. Old as Dirt says:


  11. Brad Justinen says:

    VHB is all you need. Nothing is stronger.

  12. A.Crush says:

    I don’t think so.

    If I need something stuck together with tape, but need to remove it later, I use clear 3M double sided tape, or the double sided foam stickies.

    If I need to stick two things together with tape, and never want them to come apart, I use 3M mounting tape…the VHB stuff that is used on automotive accessories to stick them on without fasteners. It works. If they must be pried apart for some reason, some adhesive remover (3M or goo gone) cleans up the surfaces, stick on some fresh mounting tape, peel and stick and good to go.

    Stuff like Uglu should be against the law, but I guess if people are stupid enough to keep buying it, what’re ya gonna do? The only way to stop this kind of stuff being made is not to buy it. Sure, they’ll keep coming up with crap to try to sell people, but if we eveutally don’t buy enough of their junk, they’ll go out of business. Don’t worry, those of you who love some of the stuff they sell will be able to buy the old stock at greatly reduced prices.

  13. Mac says:

    VHB is as near permanent a tape as I have seen. But it’s stupid expensive.

    Interested in the full review of this stuff when you get to it.

  14. johnb says:

    I love the 3M VHB tape too. I used to buy it in sheets too, but don’t know where to get them any more. Anyone have any suggestions ?

  15. steve says:

    McMaster Carr sells VHB

  16. johnb says:

    Mcmaster Carr only sells the type with the foam attached.

  17. Conrad67 says:

    You can buy all the VHB tape you want at:
    Uline.com. It ain’t cheap!!! LOL

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