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Another replica of an old Stanley tool, the Kunz #70 Box Scraper is so named because it was primarily used to scrape the labels and painted brands from wooden shipping creates so they could be reused.

Designed to be pulled, the 10″ long scraper pivots around the wooden handle. The 1-7/8″ wide convex blade can be used for rough scraping or removing paint.

You can pick up this replica new for $43 or if you search for Stanley #70, you can find the original scraper with all of its history intact (read used) starting at around $50.

Box Scraper [Peck Tool]
Box Scraper
[Highland Woodworking]

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4 Responses to The Box Scraper: An Early Recycling Tool

  1. Bob DeViney says:

    I have an old Stanley 70. Used it to scrape the house before repainting. Just leave a little bit of the blade sticking out as you don’t want to take off the wood siding! The head pivots so it is always at the correct angle to the siding, regardless of whether you’re reaching high, low or at waist level. The long handle also gives extra leverage. Lots better, faster and easier that using a traditional hand scraper.

  2. squidlow says:

    Anyone know who makes really good quality replacement blades nowadays for the Stanley No. 70?

    Does Kunz fit the 70? An exact reproduction? German-made?

  3. Captured Shadow says:

    Try Ron Hock @
    If there is nothing on the site, you might send him an email.

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