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For the last few years, my Bear saw has managed to appear in about two thirds of the projects I’ve taken on. It then goes back in its sheath and thrown into a giant toolbox until the next time I need a flush cut saw, which is never long. It’s time to recognize this toothed shop helper.

For many people, the flush cut saw is an afterthought, and some DIYers manage to live without one completely. However, for a small $20 investment, the sheer number of issues it can solve makes it a must-have around the house and in the shop. 

Vaughan’s Bear saw is one of many we’ve used over the last few years, and they all work about equally well in the aforementioned $20 price range. A word of warning, though: When you start eyeing the Japanese pull saws, all bets are off.

Bear Pullsaw [Vaughan]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


One Response to TM’s Favs ’10: Bear Saw

  1. Eeyore says:

    “All bets are off” is right. Ever consider paying for a hand saw what you might consider a high price on a table saw? You might. Don’t get me started on the planes and chisels, either.

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