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That’s right: Everyone needs a shop vacuum. If you have one, you know what I mean. They’re perfect for collecting dust from under toolboxes, vacuuming up broken glass in the kitchen, and pretty much picking up anything you don’t want to touch. They also make a killer gift — especially when you can snag a decent one for $30.

That’s what you’ll pay for this 14-gallon, 4.5 peak HP brand-name model at Lowe’s, at least until November 30th. If I didn’t already own one (a RIDGID, incidentally), I’d be in the truck on the way there now. (Sean already has one, or he’d be getting one from me.)

14-Gallon Shop-Vac [Lowe’s]


15 Responses to Dealmonger: Everyone Needs A Shop Vacuum

  1. Mike says:

    I bought this one last year at black Friday and really like it. It’s much quieter than the Rigid vac I have at work. It comes with 2″ hose though, and it’s pretty flimsy, along with the narrow floor attachment. The opening is big enough to accept a larger hose, and I’d recommend upgrading it if you buy this vacuum. A brush head attachment would be nice too.

    Other than the hose size, it’s great. Plenty of power, not too big (my shop is a 1920’s era single car garage), and not too loud. The mario land design is not my favorite, but it’s just a shop vac.

  2. Mike says:

    oops…looks like it’s actually 1 1/4″ hose. Even worse.

  3. Matt Favorite says:

    At this price I think I’ll grab just to play with. I’d like to have a dedicated one to hook up to my hand held sanders and see if I can make a dust separator to avoid the frequent filter changes.

  4. Chris says:

    Looks to be out of stock, at least anywhere near me or my grandma’s place.

    Anyone have any idea if Lowe’s actually has this in stock *anywhere*?


  5. Josh says:

    Not in stock anywhere in Northern Virginia or Southern Maryland.

  6. Adam R. says:

    SOL in Columbus OH

  7. Tim says:

    Almost all of the big home stores had a vac deal for Black Friday; Lowes had the Shop-Vac, Home Depot had the Ridgid, and Menards had a vac as well…all were roughly the same price point pf $30. Because these were black friday deals, most likely the stocks have already been pretty much depleted all around.

  8. Chris says:

    Tim: Right, but what I can’t figure is that Lowe’s says, right on the page Chuck linked, “Save 63% thru 12/07/2010”. Makes me think this was intended to be more than just a Black Friday deal, or they wouldn’t still be advertising it.


  9. browndog77 says:

    No matter what vac you use, do yourself a favor & lose the paper filter in favor of bags. I use bags for all my shop cleanups as well as attaching to the tools with an automatic receptacle, & there is no loss of suction from empty to full. using my band saw with any dampness in the air used to require stopping about every other cut to knock the dust off that filter. No more!

  10. Chris (the other one) says:

    Or, do yourself a favor and make a separator. 5gal bucket, separator lid, extra hose, and you’ll find you get nearly nothing inside the vacuum.

  11. Rembret says:

    I have this one. The 1.25″ hose sucks. I really need to upgrade, but that kind of defeats the sale price.

  12. DoItRite says:

    As far as I am concerned nobody makes a good shop vac. Since the filters always get clogged or packed full of dust LONG before the canister is even one-quarter full, why have such a big canister taking up so much room?
    I want a quiet machine. I want a smaller unit: Even 10 gal is more than enough. I want a 2-1/2″ hose. I want a unit that won’t tip over when I pull a little too hard on the hose. I want a unit that takes a standard filter that most other units take.

    Other than those minor requirements, I’m not picky.

  13. Tom says:

    I got a ridgid a few years ago ion black friday. it has been great so far.

  14. TB says:

    This shop vac is a special black friday unit, so it has been cheaped out. I would wait for a good deal during the year, rather than buy this one because it’s a BF deal.

  15. Mike says:

    @Browndog77 – Do you have a recommended bag? I like the idea of actually using the whole vac instead of just the bottom.

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