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We’ve touted the Bosch PS31 as the perfect homeowner drill: powerful enough for everything except drilling large holes in steel or masonry, small enough to fit comfortably in the hands of inexperienced folks, and built well enough to take abuse. And its compact li-ion batteries retain a charge even after lying in a drawer for months. As you might’ve guessed, these attributes also make it the perfect gift.

Specs are what you’d expect from a third-generation compact drill/driver: 265 in-lb. of max torque, a two-speed transmission (0-350 and 0-1,300 RPM), and a keyless 3/8″ chuck. Think of it as a PS20 on steroids with a real chuck.

Best of all, we found it on sale cheap. International Tool has the PS31-2A — that’s manufacturer code for the kit complete with tool, two batteries, and a charger — (at least right now) for just under $100 with pretty reasonable shipping. Of course, we’d recommend it as a gift even at the normal price of around $125.

PS31-21 [Bosch]
[International Tool]


11 Responses to Dealmonger: PS31 Kit for $100

  1. John says:

    The deal also includes the 12V flashlight…that’s quite the deal.

  2. browndog77 says:

    I recently purchased the Bosch version of the mulit-tool which came w/ a free ps20 pocket driver. The jury is still out on the multi, but the pocket driver is pretty handy. The single speed range sort of pigeon-holes it as a driver with only the 1/4″ quick-chuck to work with, but it is handy. I have used a Bosch I-driver for a few years & I wouldn’t part with it for its versatility. Adding the ps31 is a no-brainer, so I can do all (or at least 90% of) my drilling/driving with one family of tools using the same batteries. Throw in a flashlight to feed that particular addiction, & you got me! They are on back-order from IT, but I will find one! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Robbie_B says:

    I bought the PS31 a few months ago. My only complaint is the slow trigger response time. It seems like a long delay between when you pull the trigger and when it starts spinning. My Milwaukee M12 screwdriver, on the other hand, has absolutely no trigger delay. The M12 is such an awesome tool too that I almost never use my regular screwdrivers anymore. I don’t want to. The only problem is I can never find the right bit when I’m switching from phillips head to flat and vice versa. I’ve tried gluing a little bit-holder on top of the M12 screwdriver so I always have both phillips and regular bits at the ready, but it kept falling off. I might try epoxying a little magnet on there, but I don’t know if that would affect the internal motor. As awesome as Li-Ion sub-compact drivers are, I can’t understand why none of them include a bit-holder. I’m constantly switching from phillips-head to flat-head bits, and I can never find the one I need. Granted, I am a disorganized slob, especially with my tools. I don’t have a workshop, so my tools reside in 5 or 6 toolboxes. Finding the tool I need sometimes takes a while.

  4. kyle says:

    to determine if the magnet will affect the motor tape it to the case an use the tool

  5. Bigboom says:

    I think the light they are talking about with this one is the light on the drill located just in front of the trigger. If it does come with the light I will probably buy the set to go with my Bosch i-Driver and Impactor.

  6. flabbyboohoo says:

    For a little more, get the Rigid and lifetime battery replacement.

  7. Dean says:

    This is indeed a treat for those who wanted a new tool… I think my father would love to check on this one. He is very fun of doing constructions inside the house and this tool would definitely give him more strength doing all those house improvement and destruction (lol).

  8. dexm says:

    Where’s this made? Not Germany for this price, surely?

  9. ttamnoswad says:

    A bit of topic, but i am still surprised when I see these 12 volt tools in person about how they aren’t really as compact and small as they seemed to be when they first came out.

  10. Brandon says:

    Having used most of the 12v l-ion drills out there I personally prefer the Bosch line. They just feel right in my hand and perform much better than there size would indicate. I find I rarely touch my 18v mil hammer drill now. I can’t recommend the Bosch PS line enough!

  11. lens42 says:

    I say “free” is pretty reasonable shipping. I just ordered this set. No shipping and no tax. I like my old Bosch PS20 driver and two new batteries would cost almost the price of this.

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