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We’re back to the consumer frenzy time of the year — the time when we all rush out to buy gifts for our family, close friends, not-so-close friends, acquaintances, and so on. As always, Toolmonger is here to help, taking on the mission of improving the quality of every Toolmonger’s holiday haul.

But rather than drop a PDF guide with just a few suggestions as we’ve done in years past, we’re going all-in, publishing a suggestion every day between now and the day after Christmas. (Yeah, you shop then, too. You know you do, whether it’s for a late gift or for when you head out to blow all that gift card money.) Our first suggestion drops today, and keep an eye out for new ones daily.

Oh yeah, and if you have suggestions for us, send ’em in. We’re happy to hear what YOU want.

(Thanks, alancleaver_2000, for the great CC-licensed photo.)


One Response to 30 Gifts In 30 Days: Toolmonger’s 2010 Gift Guide

  1. Yadda says:

    Garrett Wade ratcheting Allen wrenches are on my list.

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