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*Cue Dracula-like organ music with howling theremin*

Once again the horror is upon us, and there’s nothing you can do to stop its reign of holiday terror. Retail chains and brick and motor establishments are gearing up this week for the single darkest shopping day of the year — Black Friday. It’s just a few days hence.

*Music ends* Which, other than the huge crowds and panic, means awesome savings for us in most cases. However we have noticed the trend now seems to be to hold on to releasing those deals till the last second (like Home Depot), though in other cases it still seems an open book.

A great place to start looking for gear to score on the the dark day is tgiblackfriday.com. They seem to have the latest on many of the chain store releases. The retail market is still in the hole this year and counts on the crowds coming through with buyers’ greed, so watch for deals that aren’t deals and don’t be afraid to pounce on the ones that are.

TGI Black Friday [Lowe’s Ad 2010]


10 Responses to Black Friday Is Here Again

  1. Bajajoaquin says:

    The darkest day in shopping? I thought it was “Black Friday” because it was the day that puts retailers in the black for the year. Making it the brightest shopping day.

  2. Jerry says:

    Every year I look at the ads and then look online and find the same deal – sometimes even better – and almost everyone offers free shipping on that Friday.
    I just stay home and shop online. No waiting and hoping that once I am in the brick and mortar, therew will be any of those special “door buster” deals left anyway.
    I have found almost every big box store ad online or emailed to me, including HD, Lowes, Best Buy and many others. Some stores are emailing coupons that can be used online that make the deal cheaper than in the store.
    If I somehow had to be one of those black-list people, I’m pretty sure I would decide then and there that it would never happen again.
    How many people on here go out on that infamous day? 1st in line?
    Whatever you do on Friday, have a great day on Thursday – if you celebrate with a feast, eat lots!

  3. jeff_williams says:

    I’m with Jerry… no getting out of bed early for shopping but I do get out of bed to go into a shop… my shop.

    I often just stick to online retailers that don’t have a presence in my state. Big ticket items save me a boatload of cash by skipping sales tax.

  4. Bobk says:

    Ah, the time of year (from the day after Turkey day till the day after Christmas) that you won’t find me anywhere near ANY store unless I am going to starve – or otherwise die if I don’t go to the store.

    Hiding from the shopping hordes,

  5. Jeff says:

    I told my wife they call it Black Friday because it is still dark outside when she arrives at her first store.

    I am with Jerry as well; I am getting to the point where I just go online to buy stuff. I bought some lumber online recently after driving to several places trying to find what I needed. I am more of a convenience guy vs. saving money (I like saving money though). Much easier online.

  6. A.Crush says:

    I’m hitting Sears at 4am to see if any of the $29.99 Craftsman ratcheting wrench sets are still of the made-in-the-USA variety (though I’m guessing they will all be the made-in-China kind, probably made just for BF), and then heading off to Lowes for the $59 Skil compound miter saw. With my $10 coupon (in Energizer battery packs at Lowe’s for those of you wanting to snag the same deal), it’s $49. Pretty good deal at over half off for something that never goes that low.

    Overall it’s a good day to skip the crowds, but if you’re picky and know what a really good price on the stuff you’re looking at is, you can snag some of the best deals ever. The rest is just fluff that is on “sale”, but at the same sale prices as the rest of the year. Don’t be a sucker. Strangely enough, some of the stuff that’s the best deals isn’t what everyone is after, so it’s easy to get. Everyone goes for the $399 flat screen TVs and $198 laptops, even though they are cheap outdated junk.

  7. Dennis says:

    Scored a 99” All-In-One Low Profile Straight Edge Clamp at Rockler for $60 at 7AM this morning. Instead of the usual $119 pricetag, it was a good deal. Although they did start offering it for a $70 sale price on heir website. So overall I got up an hour earlier and saved 10 bucks, but I got to chat to some nice other customers in line about woodworking so all in all not a bad experience.

  8. Adam R. says:

    Bought my dad a DeWalt 1/2″ cordless w/ 2 batteries and a charger for $99 from Lowes.

    He said his batteries were about shot and this was the same price as two new batteries.

  9. Old as Dirt says:

    Black Friday deals are just to get you in the store.Quantities are limited junk.Save up and buy good quality products.

  10. Eric R says:

    I’ve bought the $99 dewalt drill before. Seems like they always have them on black friday. I don’t like the fact that the batteries are the XR not the XRP ones.. I switched last year to makita anyways

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