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It’s funny how people interpret things in different ways. I was watching Sarah’s House recently. Even though I’m not the target demographic and don’t like most of the designs she comes up with, I do like the way she goes about making them. However, when she went shopping for project houses I had to laugh at the above shot: a Mark V sat quietly in a corner.

Sarah took one look at this room and the dusty SS, and her first thought was how to get rid of it and make the room usable. I would have taken a look at the ShopSmith and concluded it was an omen directly from the cosmos that this house was meant to go to a woodworker. I immediately started backing up the show to see if I could lay eyes on pieces the previous owner had built with it.

The old saying about trash and treasure really is true. Sarah enters a room of wall-to-wall wood grains upstairs from the Mark V and feels shut in. I look at that same space and think how restful it would be to sit in that room and what kind of furniture I could make to compliment the wood that’s already there. I’d also see if I could have swung the ShopSmith into the deal with the house — to each his own, I suppose.

Ever find an omen of shop beauty in someone else’s “trash”? Let us know in comments.

Sarah’s House [HGTV Site]


2 Responses to TV: Omens In The Grain

  1. Gary says:

    Every time I’ve driven past a home with hand built furniture in front of it – at the curb. Nobody in that family wanted something made by a parent or grandparent? Some of them have looked to be pretty well made too. Sad.

  2. flabbyboohoo says:

    I think she had the right of it. Now if the room was full of proper tools… 🙂

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