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Bosch is missing out on a big market here in the U.S. by not selling their IXO Vino lithium-ion cordless screwdriver with corkscrew attachment. I mean, if you had a choice between a cordless screwdriver and a cordless screwdriver with a corkscrew, which tool would you choose?

Setting the corkscrew aside, the screwdriver has an integrated LED to illuminate fasteners in poorly lit areas and a built-in charge level indicator. It can be operated in forward, reverse, or locked mode for hand driving. The one thing that disappoints me is Bosch integrates the lithium-ion battery into the tool iPhone-style, so when the battery dies, the screwdriver is about as useful as a door stop.

Bocsh’s IXO Vino (get it?) cordless screwdriver comes with the corkscrew adapter, 10 driver bits, and a battery charger all shipped in a wooden wine box. It will run you £40 ($64) before shipping if you can convince Amazon UK to ship it stateside.

Cordless Screwdriver with CorkScrew [Amazon UK]

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7 Responses to Get The Party Started With Bosch’s Cork Screw

  1. Jerry says:

    The issue here is that you have to be pretty “ghetto” to even consider opening wine with a screwdriver, power or not. Oh wait, never mind – anyone that “ghetto” would buy the wine in a box anyway – no need for a corkscrew.
    What will those zany Brits come up with next?

  2. Phil says:

    As fun as this would be to have, I’ll sit it out. After all, a standard corkscrew is quite cordless too. 🙂

    I do have the SKil IXO driver though, and it comes in handy when I don’t need a lot of power, like dis/reassembling electronic gear that has way too many screws. If the battery dies, it’s not a hopeless case. It uses a single Li-Ion cell, a common “18650” size that you can get from most any electronics supplier. It’s an easy job to replace, just unsolder/solder two wires. Much easier than a custom pack of cells or oddball Li-Po flatpack battery.

  3. jgblizat says:

    No, as a matter of fact I don’t get it. What am I missing here? Is there some meaning to ixo that I don’t know about? Could someone please enlighten me?

  4. @jgblizat:

    Fair question.

    Vino is Italian (Spanish too I hear) for wine. Plus, many wines have Vino in the name or on the label, but if you rarely buy wine you may have never run into the word.

  5. Teresa Ciceri says:

    ixo vino fa anche i buchi nel muro? si puo’ usare come un trapano?grazie

  6. I put Teresa Cireri’s comment through Google Translate:

    In Italian:
    ixo vino fa anche i buchi nel muro? si puo’ usare come un trapano?grazie

    In English
    Ixo Wine is also the holes in the wall? you can ‘use as a drill? thanks

    I won’t attempt Italian, but I’ll try simple English which might have a chance at being translated correctly:

    The IXO Vino is a cordless screwdriver, which means that it does not spin very fast. If you didn’t have any other drill available, it could be used to drill hole in the wall but it would be slow and you need hex shanked drill bits.

  7. len says:

    can this be purchased anywhere in the US? Amazon UK won’t ship it to US.

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