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The CSPC announced the recall of about 6,150 Honda and Mantis-branded mini-tillers, all sporting Honda GX25 mini four-stroke engines. They report that a rubber grommet (part of the engine’s fuel tank) “may crack and leak fuel, posing a fire hazard.”

You can recognize the models from the serial numbers which you can find on the engine near the fuel cap. Recalled models comprise Honda Mini Tillers, model number FG110, with serial numbers GCALT 1696948 through 1700567 and Mantis Mini Tillers, model numbers 7262 and 7270 with serial numbers GCART-1165215 through 1171495.

No one has reported injuries yet, but if you own (or think you might own) one of the affected models, visit the CPSC site (link below) for more information on how to contact the manufacturer(s).

Mini Tillers w/Honda Engines Recalled [CPSC]


2 Responses to Recall: Honda-Engined Mini-Tillers

  1. chris mcdonalds says:

    they have butane powered versions in japan.

  2. Manickam.k says:

    i want mini tiller for weeding purpose and price list

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