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As I was paging through Popular Mechanics, a picture of the Worx TriVac popped out at me; before reading any of the ad copy, I wondered what that funny bypass tube on the bottom of the nozzle was. I learned later that it’s what allows you to switch the TriVac from a vacuum to a blower with a flip of the lever. That’s a cool concept if I ever saw one! Imagine not having to store extra parts or accidentally break tabs off changing from blower to vacuum and back again.

Not only can you change from vacuum to blower without changing a bunch of tubes like other blower/vacs, Worx claims you can adjust the blower airflow through a built-in regulator — they’re a little sketchy on the details, though. The 12A motor produces an air stream with a speed of over 210MPH, or enough suction to pick up 14 gallons of dry leaves in a minute, all while staying under 70 dB (about the volume of people having a normal conversation).

Made from nylon-reinforced ABS plastic, the TriVac weighs 8.3 lbs. The mulching blade will reduce the volume of leaves up to 10:1 and the bag will hold up to 10 gallons of mulch, which is more than you’d probably want to carry around anyway.

Pricing for the Worx TriVac starts around $90 shipped.

TriVac [Worx]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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7 Responses to Vacuum To Blower With The Flip Of A Lever

  1. Discoman says:

    don’t you mean 210 MPH?
    I doubt it runs at 210 MPG.
    just sayin’

  2. @Discoman

    You are correct, 210 MPH. Sorry about the typo.

    I’m trying to figure out some way-out method to measure performance of a blower in MPG to save face, but nothing comes to mind.

  3. roger rainey says:

    Handy, but I don’t want one. The problem with most blower/vacs is not enough power. This little doo-hicky looks like it forces the blown air through a thin tube, which will restrict the airflow through it. Also, the little hand held ones struggle to pick up the heavy loads.

  4. old as dirt says:

    @roger rainey
    well roger there is one in the works that will have ample power for your needs.
    It is nuclear powered and the blower is mach.2.Is that enough power?

  5. Jim says:

    @roger rainey

    Short of a nuclear powered blower, what about a jet engine on a truck blower….(sorry, I do not know the mach, but it is off a MiG-15)



  6. zoomzoomjeff says:

    When I saw this, I immediately thought of Space Balls. “Mega-Maid has gone from suck….to blow!”

  7. @zoomzoomjeff:

    I was trying to work that line into my title, but thought better of it.

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