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Growing up in Paul Bunyan country, I remember seeing antique two-man saws on display in many businesses around town. I used to picture lumberjacks a century ago, knee-deep in snow, hacking away at a 4-foot diameter tree trunk with one of these saws — no gas, no electricity, just pure muscle.

This 4-foot long two-man saw from Putsch won’t be handling any 4-foot diameter trees, but the concept of two people using raw muscle to section a tree is the same. It’s good to know that somewhere out there folks are still using these saws.

The blade of the Putsch two-man saw measures 48″ and with the 8-1/2″  hardwood handles the whole saw spans some 52″. The German blade is hand hammered and hand sharpened. It’ll run you $105 to have this saw shipped to your door, or more probably the door of your cabin.

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9 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Two-Man Saw

  1. paganwonder says:

    My Dad introduced me to an old man when I was real little who made his living cutting trees with a hand saw- I bet he could have lifted a truck on the day he died.

  2. Pete D. says:

    I’ve used a two-man saw like this, though not this particular model. It takes a little skill to get in sync with your partner, but once you get that down you can really make the chips fly.

    My family still has that ca. 1930-1940 saw, but I haven’t used it in a long time.

    I am tempted to get a one-man version, they have at Ben Meadows.

    Yeah, I’m a Luddite.

  3. blitzcat says:

    I have a pair of these I use on occasions when other people use chainsaws. Easier to get started.

  4. fred says:

    Out in Amish country – you still see folks using these and Pit saws to cut tree trunks into planks. I’m not sure who’s got the better job – the guy in the pit or the fellow topside.

  5. A long time ago, maybe 40 years ago, my father had a tree service come in and take down a large big leaf maple. The trunk was 3 plus feet through, and our chain saw with a 18 or 20 inch bar would cut it. We had a couple of my great grandfathers old 6 ft cross cut saws and a friend and I thought we would cut it up for firewood. Way to much work. I now know that the blade was not as sharp as it was around the end of the 1800s and we used a lot of wax and kerosene on the blade as we cut. If another log comes up like that now, it will go to a small mill to make boards.

  6. dave says:

    Many years ago I was a sawyer on a hot shot crew here in californa, one of the tools we were trained on was the two man cross cut saw, better known as the misery whip. Later when I was building trail in the back country we actually had to use them when the fuel for the saws ran out, it could be a week before the pack mules showed up with more fuel and oil! This was n the early 90s btw. man, you’d get going with that misery whip, get into a groove and all of a sudden it would bind, if it was while you were pulling, you were going over backwards, hopefully the hill wasn’t to steep. Worse was when it bound while you were pushing, this meant you were going to hit that handle in either chest or stomach, HARD.

    I miss those times but being a computer programmer is a LOT easier these days 😉

  7. Gary says:


    You definitely don’t want to be in the pit. I saw a couple guys using a pit saw once. It was snowing sawdust down in the pit.

  8. Daniel says:

    Wow! A two-man saw can either be good or bad. These are good for really strong men, and bad for those who keep on whining. I believe that I should learn to use an old kind of tool like this one so that I will learn what our forefathers had to go through while cutting trees.

  9. michele griffin says:

    Never under estimate the misery whip. 2002 an old boyfriend and i cut down some huge cedars an after loading the logs,when we got home my friend left for a minute so i desided to roll them off the flatbed myself,as i did one log hit the end of saw handle an titor-totered into my leg i almost had gain green latter on from not staying off it so it could heal.Now theres a permanent scare accross my leg 4 cutters an a raker looks like a shark bite.

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