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The term “completed project” doesn’t often apply at my house. Normally my projects sift though various shades of “done” until such a time when they need to be “re-done.” Instead of waiting for the planets to align and chakras to un-jam, I dusted off an old favorite of the DIYer for my closet cabinet project — that’s good enough for now.

The doors are hung and the paint is dry. The cabinet was put into use before I could even get the door closed and clutter has been severely reduced around the home front. Each door has a self-closing hinge and a roller lock which gives them a pleasant thump when they close.

Each door opens with the hinge towards the back of the closet, so there’s never a time when you have to walk in past the cabinet, turn around and open the door. I was completely amazed all the doors came out straight and near level. I would have bet large sums one would be out of whack for sure.

It doesn’t look half bad for a bit of MDF, a bunch of whitewood scraps that became door frames and some nasty ply that had been languishing in the castoffs pile for a few years. The project did come under the $100 budget even with the paint and extra hardware.

I do want to add some pulls and touch up the paint here and there, but that may be the DIYer in me nit-picking. However this is more than functional, and the other half seems to be happy, so it’s a win all around.


6 Responses to Project: Built-In Cabinets Under $100 — Part 3

  1. Nathan says:

    More pics please!! Looks great. Thanks for sharing

  2. russ says:

    Good idea about putting the hinges on the same side of each door. I always hated a pair of doors in the corner where you had to squeeze in to open one of the doors and then the door would block most of the light.

    I think the pulls will come in time, sooner than later.

  3. BigEdJr says:

    Looks great. I was hoping to see some info on how you mounted the hinges… I could really use some tips there.

    Anyone know of a good resource for that?

  4. aaron says:

    nice work. more pics would be great 🙂

  5. Old Coot says:

    If my wife sees those photos, I’m gonna miss those fishing trips.

  6. fred says:


    Bullet catches would be the alternative to pulls – give you a clean look – press to open – press to close

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