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Back in my day, installing a door used to be a skill, but now these newfangled do-dads make it so easy a dad-gum fool can do it. OK, so maybe that’s an exaggeration, but door installation kits have come down in price to the point where they practically give them away with a lock set. Usually these kits are made for locating and drilling the holes for the lock and latch, and leave you to your own devices to mortise out the the door so the latch sits flush.

Like its name says, Ryobi’s door latch installation kit is an all-in-one tool for installing door latches. With it you can score the outline for either rounded or square latches, then chisel out the mortise to the correct depth. There’s even a built-in screwdriver on board for screwing in the latch.

Ryobi claims the kit includes both a 1″ Phillips bit and a 1″ 8-10 slotted bit. I have no idea what a 1″ Phillips bit is; maybe they mean #1 Phillips, or that the bit is 1″ long. Does 8-10 slotted mean #8 to #10 size screw? Again, usually you specify slotted screwdriver sizes in fractions. Somebody fell down on the job in the marketing department. Anyway, you can find the door latch installation kit for $10 at your local Home Depot.

Door Latch Installation Kit [Ryobi]
Door Latch Installation Kit [Home Depot]

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7 Responses to Door Latch Installation Kit

  1. 1″ bits are also commonly called insert bits (and are 1 inch long), versus the longer (2″+) bits that have a hex quick connect shank on them (power bits).

    See this page for some examples:

    For some info about screw driving and tip styles, see this article (basic, but still important refresher for most people):

  2. John says:

    You know what the problem with tools like this are? I always find out about them AFTER I’m done the job I need them for.

  3. goiter_x says:

    What’s up with that hammer? Why the protrusions on either side of the head? (that’s what she said) Is the slotted side for pulling nails?

  4. Bill says:

    Can that screwdriver reach the knob escution screws?

  5. Jerry says:

    Odd hammer. I’m guessing magnetic nail starter on one side. Come on bill, you know that driver isn’t going to get those screws in there. Besides, this is a “latch” installation kit not a “lockset” installation kit.
    They should have packaged this with the hole saws for the lock install – then it would be a complete kit minus the Ryobi drill/driver you will buy.

  6. Brau says:

    Oh, I get it now! You hammer the scoring tool in, then use the blue thingy as a chisel to remove (mortise) the wood. Looks nifty but I’d have to see it in action and also see how it does with the grain running the wrong way.

  7. @Joe “the Pro” Sainz :

    Thanks for clarifying that.

    At least Bosch calls them insert bits.

    I still don’t understand why they didn’t say what size Phillips bit, isn’t that more important then the fact it’s an insert bit? Plus they say what size slotted insert bit they include.

    I’ve thought about it for a while and I think that calling it an 8-10 slotted bit makes much more sense then calling it by it’s fractional size. It’s easier to remember what screws you are using than the length of the slot.

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