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Back in September I wrote about the Campbell Hausfeld FP260097 kit which included an instructional DVD that boasted to help you on your way. Upon opening the kit, we found the disc and popped it in the computer to see what nuggets of wisdom could be found there. It was both better and worse than we expected.

Our FP260097 kit included:

  • 2 gallon air compressor, storage bag and:
  • 2 in. 2-in-1 Nailer/stapler
  • Nails
  • Staples
  • Molding bar
  • Angle finder
  • Layout square
  • Level
  • Putty knife
  • Utility knife
  • Blow gun and nozzle
  • Plug
  • Coupler
  • 25 ft. air hose
  • BONUS Caulk Gun

The instructions were entirely about doing a crown-molding project. It’s a well-put-together 12-minute movie that runs down the entire process of putting in crown molding using the provided kit and getting the results you want. It begins with the compressor and setting the rig up.

After you know how to hook the gun up correctly the concept of mitered corners comes into play. A handy chart helps you out.

An example of what the chart tells you about is a fine way to get in straight in your head before you begin cutting.

The miter saw is perhaps the section where the most time is spent, we’re guessing this is largely because it’s where fledgling DIYers have the biggest error factor.

Finally the video rolls into the fun part, which actually takes the least amount of time — installing the molding with an air gun.

Though supplied with the kit, the chalking gun makes no appearance in the video. A tube of putty is what they recommend for chalking.

After viewing the video we can say that this will get you through the project even if you knew jack about working with these tools — this is a plus and points to CH because of it. The only real downer is it’s the only project on the entire DVD. I would have liked to see more home projects that could have been done with the provided tools. The buy-in costs over $100 for this kit; and an extra project or two on the disc would be a value-add that rounds out the reason for purchasing the package in the first place and wouldn’t cost CH that much more to throw in.

Model FP260097 Home Improvement Kit [Campbell Hausfeld]
Campbell Hausfeld’s Forward-Thinking Kits [Toolmonger]


2 Responses to Campbell Hausfeld Kit Part 1: DVD – What You Really Get

  1. Dave G. says:

    I think it’s great that they put this together as well.

    But the more I think about it, the more I wonder what kind of instructionals they could have included? I mean, they covered adding/replacing trim, but what else would you use this for that beginning DIY’er would need instructions for? Adding trim to a home made cabinet? They just made a freaking cabinet! Trim is the least of the worries.

    Other things newbies might do with this:
    -Blow up an air mattress.
    -Pump up tires & sporting equipment.
    -Caulk a window.
    -Tack down outdoor carpet?

    There is just not much that a DIY’er would do that revolve solely around this batch of products. Any thing else would require many more tools, and much more instruction.

    just my $.02.

  2. Brau says:

    Funny, the compressor is hardly needed for this task. The powermiter is the most valuable tool. After you’ve cut the trim properly, the nailing can be done almost as easy with a normal hammer.

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