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Whether out of boredom or necessity, at some time most of us have tried to join a few pieces of paper together without any external fasteners — the most common method is folding and ripping a tab in the fold. The Eco Stapler allows you to join up to 5 pieces of paper together in a much neater manner.

When you press down on the Eco Stapler it creates a slot with a hanging tab and a slit in the papers. Then somewhere between pushing down and releasing the magic happens; the tab is wrapped around and pulled through the slit, joining the papers together.

I do see a couple of problems with the Eco Stapler: One, if you have more than 5 pages, you’re stuck going back to a regular stapler. Two, with regular staples you can remove the staple and reorder, add, or subtract pages and if you’re good use the same staple holes.  You’d make a mess of your papers trying to do any of those operations with the Eco Stapler.

You can find the Eco Stapler (or possibly a knock-off) for as little as $3 before shipping.

Eco Stapler [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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7 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Staple-Free Stapler

  1. Tim B. says:

    Hah! I’ve had one of these sitting on my desk at work for almost 4 years now…

    Honestly, aside from the pure ingenious novelty, it really only does a fair job on up to 2-3 sheets of standard weight copy paper in my experience… but the look of shock from coworkers when they first see it is most defintiely priceless =) And alot more neat looking than those old rabbit-ears most of us learned to make at some point in school.

  2. Brau says:

    It’s kind of funny watching these things go through a resurgence as a “green” invention, when they’ve been around since about 1910 (see Wikipedia). I had one given to me as a very young boy. It was a hand me down when my Great Grandmother passed away. She bought it because she was extremely frugal and wouldn’t pay needless cash for staples.

    Tim’s right, they’re okay for clipping a couple of receipts together but that’s about it, and they don’t hold very secure. You can place a piece of tape across the stitch to keep them together more permanently, but why not just use a real staple at that point.

  3. DoItRite says:

    OK, Fine.
    But does it create “HANGING CHAD”?
    And if so, what will that do to our political system?

  4. russ says:

    Wouldn’t making staples out of recycled material be “green”?

    How about paper clips? They are resuable so wouldn’t they be considered “green”? Looks like paper clips would do a better job than this contraption.

    So instead of reaching for the eco stapler reach for a paper clip or a stapler.

  5. melee says:

    So very “eco”. It’ll save literally ounces of steel.

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