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Don’t get me wrong — I like my old Porter Cable 690 series router, but if I was a first-time router buyer today, there are so many more choices. Electronic speed control, built-in dust collection, and height adjustment are all key features my router is missing. But one of the coolest new features has to be Bosch’s router table base.

It’s a fixed base with both coarse and fine bit depth adjustment, but what’s really cool is that you can access the height adjustment when the base is mounted in a router table, no router lift required.

It looks like Bosch is including the router table base with most of its 1617EVS router kits. Take Bosch’s 1617EVSPK pack, for instance: You get a 2-1/4hp variable speed router motor with plunge and fixed/router table base — a setup that’ll satisfy both beginner and intermediate woodworkers’ needs — for as low as $200. You can pick up the router table base separately for $65 if you already own a 1617EVS router motor.

Router Pack [Bosch]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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8 Responses to Bosch Router Table Base

  1. fred says:

    Is this just the fixed base minus the wooden knobs? – or are there some other features?

  2. @fred:

    I think I mixed up pictures and the base pictured is the RA1165. The one in the kit I mentioned is the RA1161 base which comes with the wooden handles. I picked the picture I used because it showed the base mounted in the table. As far as I can tell they are essentially the same.

    Again I thought this was pretty cool because many people by a router kit with both plunge and fixed bases then mount the fixed base in a router table. This way they don’t have to spend more money and upgrade to a router lift, it’s built-in.

  3. Nick says:

    my Milwaukee i bought last year had this same adjustment device, wrench and all.. i have it in a table.. is the plunge base when i don’t have it in the table.


  4. @Nick:

    Cool, I didn’t realize Milwaukee had the same feature. I looked and it seems Porter Cable added a similar feature too.

    It appears Dewalt uses the same useless spin height adjustment that my old PC does.

  5. zoomzoomjeff says:

    In fact, that looks nearly identical to the Milwaukee router, from what I can remember. Milwaukee introduced that in the early 2000’s. I wonder if the patent ran out?? Instead of a hex wrench, it uses a 1/4″ or 3/8″ ratchet drive.

  6. Алиса says:

    This covers almost all the things you would need to get started with the most basic projects in woodworking. The Bosch RA1181 is a well-built, proficient and nicely dimension-ed router table that brings all the things most woodworkers would need for completing basic tasks. For the price that it comes at , it is probably the best way to meet your needs without burdening your pockets.

  7. Cooper says:

    Thankyou for sharing your experiences. This guide is really helpful for the woodworkers.

  8. Michael Rawson  says:

    I thought I was the only one that still owned a Porter Cable 690 series router…

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