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U-joint adapters let you stick sockets in places you woudn’t imagine they’d ever fit. For example, I once saw Sean plug together four extensions and two u-joint adapters to reach the top bolts on a GM transmission bell-housing. But with ass-saving capability comes damn-why-won’t-this-stay-where-I-put-it frustration: Most u-joint adapters flop around, making it difficult to maneuver the socket into place.

GearWrench thinks they’ve solved the problem by installing a small internal spring that lets the u-joint move, but holds it in place when you let it go — so you can bend your crazy extension-tree into place then jockey it into the abyss right onto the nut.

They’re including the spring u-joints in seven of their various kits, and they sell ’em separately as well in a three-piece set containing 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ sizes. Street pricing for the three-piece kit starts around $33 and you’ll pay about $16 for individual adapters.

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8 Responses to U-Joint Adapters That Stay In Place

  1. PutnamEco says:

    That does sound like a worthy invention, I have often used a piece of plastic tubing to keep my u joints under control. Stiff black plastic tubing (kinkable) when I needed to hold an angle and clear tubing when I just needed a little extra support, to be able to thread a u jointed extension through an obstruction,

  2. Harry says:

    You can place an o ring around the two halves and accomplish the same thing. However, the ribbing around the bases look to be handy for finger spinning or anti rolling.

  3. johnnyp says:

    The first thing I noticed about these was the socket hd cap screws where there are normally roll pins. On several occasions I have had these pins snap , fairly easy to do, notice they don’t make a 3/4″ . Those cap screws are there to facilitate replacing those pins.
    Although Sears carries a line of Gearwrench tools the company is owned by Deneher which makes a lot of quality tools that are used by the aerospace Industry. I can’t tell how many cap screw wrenches (Allen wrenches)I have been through until finally getting a set of Gearwrench w/ a life time warranty. 2 years of daily abuse and function just as good as new.

  4. freddie says:

    These are the same as those by Triangle Tools: http://www.triangletools.com/unigripujoint.html .

    Triangle is in the Sears catalog.

  5. brew says:

    a few winds of black electrical tape over the thing will do the same thing. Once the tape wears out, peal it off and put another layer on.

  6. Brau says:

    Nice to hear a few hints on how to keep flaccid u-joints from floppin’. I’ve even used thick grease to keep mine, uhh, erect? Unfortunately a bit of black tape or grease is less expensive than replacing my u-joints so I’ll stay with what I already have until one breaks.

  7. Mac says:

    Yeah, agree with Brau… They look like a better mousetrap, so great for someone starting to build their toolbox. But I’ve used cheap electrical tape for years. Doubt I’ll ever come close to spending that much in tape.

    Similar to the Sean/bell housing story… a long time ago, helped (read: did all the hard stuff) a friend with his Mazda RX7 clutch. Top bolt on the bell housing took no less than 10 extensions – the few he had, the few more I brought with me, and a couple more from the neighbors, and a few u-joints. Hilarious now, but an gawd-awful PIA then.

  8. madmikey says:

    Sure you can use electrical tape etc. to hold conventional U-joints in place, but I prefer simply quick and easy with doing nothing to the tool to make it do what I want. Love the gearwrench line for quality & inovation on old stand buy tools.

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