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We just covered the Sidewinder router lift from Woodpeckers which moved the height adjustment from the table top to the side for easier access, but how about going one step further and motorizing the lift so you can adjust the height on the fly? The MLCS PowerLift does just that.

Controlled with a foot pedal, you can make adjustments to the height in increments as small as .005″. You can watch the speed, direction, and height of the lift right on the digital control panel. The lift also has a depth stop so it will stop when you reach the desired cutting depth and can lift the router motor high enough so you can change bits above the table. To eliminate backlash when raising and lowering the router, MLCS connects the DC motor to the lifts screw by cogged pulleys and belts.

MLCS has verified the PowerLift will work with Porter Cable PC 690 and 890 series, the Dewalt DWD616, the Bosch 1617EVS and 1618EVS, and the Craftsman 320.17543 routers, but should work with most 3.5″ diameter router motors.

The PowerLift is expected to ship November 15, 2010, but you can pre-order the basic lift today for $390. MLCS will also sell the router lift in conjunction with several different tables and fences for $500 to $600. You will need to supply the router yourself.

Motorized Router Lift [MLCS]

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