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At the ripe old age of 34, I plan to get my first Ink done this year. It’s a something I’ve wanted to do for the last ten years, but never got around to it — this is the year. I thought my decaying death dragon concept was gonna be freaky, but I’m not even in the running for oddball. Apparently if you get the most badass Milwaukee tattoo before December 2011, every year will be like Christmas with free Milwaukee tools for life.

No joke, the press release breaks it down like a fraction for you:

The Milwaukee Ink Tattoo of the Year contest will run through December 2011, giving users the chance to receive monthly recognition in the interim. With the “Rate Tattoo” feature on the website, participants, friends, and family can vote on each tattoo once a day to bring the best tattoos one step closer to earning the honor of “Milwaukee Tattoo of the Month.” Monthly winners will each receive a tool valued up to $300 and then be eligible to win the grand prize of Milwaukee Tools for Life*.

So you get branded with Milwaukee or the tools themselves, load your pic on the site, and you get a shot at power tool nirvana. Of course if you aren’t the grand-prize winner or the one of the monthly winners you get, well, a Milwaukee tattoo. So it’s a pride-for-life type thing. Personally I’m voting for the first person who manages to incorporate flames, skulls, tools, and dragons into his ink.

Milwaukee Ink [Tattoo Gallery Site]


7 Responses to Milwaukee’s Tools For Tats

  1. Cameron says:

    You’d permanently ink yourself with a corporate logo for the CHANCE to win tools?

    No, dude. Just…no.

  2. BigEdJr says:

    That just seems like a bad idea. If you’re going to do it though, make sure you bring the proper spelling if Milwaukee with you. I wonder how many Millwakee’s or Millwowkies’s are going to be regretted by the end of 2011 for a very very long time.

  3. Steve says:

    I thought about getting a “Milwaukee” tat. It means, “the good land” Just have to change the font to win some tools.

  4. waq says:

    there was a guy in the paper with a face tattoo of a radio station logo. he thought he’d win big, he didn’t and wasn’t successful in his subsiquent lawsuit. sounds like a scam aimed at morons. http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=news/bizarre&id=7693065

  5. busf says:

    Nothing like Americans tatooing themselves with a Chinese company’s brand!!!

    God Bless the USA!

    Tectronics Institute or TTI for those of you who didn’t realize this.

  6. Bugler says:

    The entries would be more interesting if Ridgid Tool held the contest.

  7. Coach James says:

    I don’t understand the fad of tattoos and cannot imagine someone turning their body into a permanent billboard for any company. And the rube that tattooed his face after the radio station joke deserves to be laughed at.

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