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Ever want to make a project out of PVC pipe, but couldn’t find the fittings you needed at your local hardware store? A few weeks ago Hack a Day featured the company FORMUFIT that makes custom PVC fittings more suited for making structures than plumbing. They call their line of fittings Tinkertoys for adults.

Not only do they sell fittings you can’t find locally, but the fittings are meant to be used in finished applications. They have a glossy white finish with no external markings or raised lettering, and their edges are tapered and clean. FORMUFIT sells fittings for 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, and 2″ PVC.  Here’s a sample of the fittings they carry:

  • Domed end caps
  • Fishmouth (end to the middle of a pipe)
  • Three-way elbow
  • Table cap (end to flat surface)
  • Caster insert
  • Four-way cross
  • Four-way tee
  • Five-way cross
  • Internal coupling

The downside is the fittings are a bit pricey compared to plumbing fittings, but still generally cheaper than structural pipe fittings. For instance, a 1″ 90° elbow will run you a little more than a dollar, or a 1-1/2″ four-way cross will run almost $3. Of course you’ll also be paying shipping charges. I can’t find their shipping policy on the site, but a $3 order has a $5 shipping charge through USPS Priority mail, a $50 order has a $10 charge, and a $100 order qualifies for free shipping.

FORMUFIT Article [Hack A Day]

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7 Responses to Find The PVC Fittings Your Local Store Won’t Carry

  1. Brau says:

    Great! Could have used these a number of times. I’m happy to know they exist, but wonder what are the chances any nearby dealers will actually carry them?

  2. Dan says:

    I just bought a bunch of regular fittings a couple weeks ago for a project at the home center and was debating whether I should clean up all the molding marks for a cleaner look, might have to return them and order some of these.

  3. Cameron says:

    Nice. I could have used these when I rebuilt my laundry sorter with PVC. The original plastic tubes it came with turned yellow and brittle.

  4. rhonda price says:

    I have been looking every where for a 6-way pvc fitting connector. I only found it one place and with was $8.25 a piece! Have you seen it cheaper anywhere else?

    • Andrew says:

      I know right? how hard is it in this world to make a cheap and quality 6 way pvc fitting? let me know if you found anything cheaper.

    • Tracey says:

      LOL, me too, at this point, I’d pay the $8.25, but it’s the $10 shipping that’s stopping me…absurd.

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