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MLCS sells a simple fix for a problem I didn’t know existed — evidently some router guide bushings can vibrate loose under use. Their solution is to sell you a spring washer that keeps pressure on the bushing nut so it won’t turn during use.

I can’t speak from experience; I’ve barely used my guide bushings since I snagged them on sale for unbelievably cheap, but the problem seems plausible — otherwise, why would people buy any sort of lock washer? These washers seem to be targeted at the Porter Cable-style bushings; I verified this by measuring my almost-new set and found that indeed the 1-3/16″ washer would fit.

MLCS sells two of these spring washers for $6. You might be able to do better in a hardware catalog, but 1-3/16″ doesn’t strike me as an easy-to-find size.

Spring Washer [MLCS]

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2 Responses to Spring Lock Washer For Router Guide Bushing

  1. jc says:

    McMaster-Carr (http://www.mcmaster.com/#disc-springs/=8xhozf) has these much cheaper. Someone would have to order one and confirm some outside diameters, but I’d be surprised if they’re so unusual the MMC doesn’t carry them.

  2. I have had this problem a few times, and when things get lose, it gets Ugly real fast. I think I will order a couple of them.

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